Up and coming new artist LvlPrllel (Level Parallel) brings raw and real back into the music industry. This girl carries an all-around different vibe and she’s someone we all need to be ready for!

What I enjoy most about her style, is the lyrics that come with it. Featured in her latest track on Soundcloud, “Closer to Reality”, LvlPrllel displays a very personal and real-life history that I think many of us can relate to.

“It’s a song about being in a relationship with someone you love deeply, but also the downfall of being in a relationship with drugs at the same time,” explains LvlPrllel. In an Instagram story post, she goes onto to conclude: “As much as I would like to stay in the dream, it’s time to wake up.” Stay tuned for the premiere of her lyrics on Spotify, launching February 2021.

This chick is as real as they come. Keep up with her on Instagram where she posts daily artistically-driven and motivational stories. This girl isn’t just dedicated to music. She’s a multi-faceted type chick with a lot to offer!