Making it through a tough battle with anxiety, addiction and depression, American Pop/EDM singer-songwriter, Lisa Orlando started releasing music her music to the world, around 3 years ago. Using music as a therapeutic lifeline for herself, Lisa now aspires to help others with her music. Her first official album is entitled “Last Night of My Life”, and alludes to her awareness of life’s temporality, and the importance of living every moment as if it were your last. Lisa’s father passed away when she was 21, and along with her mom, taught her to chase her dreams no matter what. Her biggest fan, Lisa’s father also instilled in her, the importance of believing in yourself and pursuing your passion in life, which is something Lisa still lives by to this day.

Right off the cuff, on the thumping opening track, entitled “Your Love”, you get the feeling that Lisa Orlando prefers to appear unthreatening and relatable rather than demand undivided attention and total adoration, like so many of her wannabe female contemporaries.

Her songs are punchy and danceable, delivering indelible choruses over pillowy synths and delicate harmonies. Overall, the record encapsulates the effects of love, heartbreak, passion, and vulnerability, as well as feelings of empowerment and independence. And when it soars, it truly does.

What follows is admirable from a creative standpoint as one can acknowledge the thought Lisa Orlando put into the tracks. “So Dangerous” rides on a clean guitar motif that morphs into a throbbing, topped with twisting synths. The album quickly reaches a sonic apex on the heartfelt “Fell in Love the Darkness” with the mid-tempo ballad allowing Lisa to exploit her vocal range and unfold her emotional delivery.

A similar template is presented on “Right Here – Lectriq Remix”, with the addition of growling basslines, squealing synths and heartbeat drums. And the results are just as impressive. Lisa Orlando has a keen ability to tap into the most tactile vulnerabilities of love and relationships and reflect them in song.

I’m stronger now than you’ll ever know. I needed time just to let you go. Left my heart bleeding, I’m still succeeding,” sings Lisa in “Karma”. The slow-burner builds with a voice that bridges the track to its orchestral and defiant conclusion. “I’m on fire, you can’t stop me now,” exclaims Lisa.

The bass-driven “Touch My Body” also thrives on dynamics, shifting from the busy percussive grooves to the expansive chorus, where Lisa Orlando provides enough vocal harmonies to build her own choir.

This is followed by “ldk” which is a rhythmic groove-heavy monster of a track that’s both moody and sultry. “In My Head” crosses focused intensity with an infectious slow pop sway, highlighted by Lisa delivering both an ethereal and fierce vocal. It once more allows her voice to shimmer and shine.

“Wake Up” show off some more dynamic production, which brings another refreshing change of pace to the album. “You can’t handle the way that I am. Caught you dreaming that you were my man. But I don’t think I’ll be the one you want me to be,” asserts Lisa rather confidently.

“Wake up, wake up, get out of your head,” she warns, delivering another powerhouse performance, emphasizing her self-empowered attitude. Something she carries over into the album closer, and title track, “Last Night of My Life”.

This album shows Lisa Orlando flexing both her songwriting and singing skills. “Last Night of My Life” is a cohesive, mature record on which she took her chance to unwrap her creativity and unfold episodes of her life story. Essentially, this is an empowering moment, continuing her maturation as an artist, and as a woman.

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