The beat, the bass, the lush synth and string arrangements, the twisting vocal harmonies; everything is blissfully effortless on the single “Big Fish”. The divine orchestral-like arrangements and chord progressions mix perfectly together to create an amazing atmospheric feel. The electronic effects show up in practically every bar, and they are superb. The duo LAIKIPIA, create a garden of rhythmical, melodical, and harmonical wonders, each being an important focal point of this, their latest single. The vocals blend force with finesse, backing up the instrumentation to the fullest. They put the nuanced intensity and strength into “Big Fish”, really making it the dynamic song that it is.

In this age of niche marketing it’s refreshing to encounter artists that defy the usual categories. LAIKIPIA’sBig Fish” could comfortably find its way into a number of record racks. Mellifluous, lush and layered, the song quickly lures you, mirage-like, to its moods and textures. Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison are the master craftsmen behind LAIKIPIA.

Xander is a singer-songwriter and producer from London, UK, while Taylor is a classically trained musician and electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California. Together they craft masterful arrangements and breath-taking production, for an emotional and ultra-sophisticated listening experience.

LAIKIPIA are impacting the industry with a distinct sound, combining a unique blend of harmony driven storytelling, hypnotizing dance floor beats and melody rich instrumentals. Coiled in the compositional swirl, their latest release, “Big Fish”, scrutinizes the balance of power, control and confrontation, where, after a crushing defeat, a man finally stands up to his oppression – a theme that is both relatable and empowering.

LAIKIPIA infuse deep meaning into their lyrics to give the brain an intellectual workout, while the body is allowed to groove to the expansive creativity of the music.

LAIKIPIA’s music feels unmistakably crafted, sewn together in a studio and designed from the ground up to deliver the most stimulating listening experience possible. Quite simply, LAIKIPIA craft a unique blend of electronic music that obliterates everything else in its path.

If you’re constantly in search of something distinctly different, powerful and instantly impacting, yet at the same time, highly accessible, LAIKIPIA, with their latest single, “Big Fish”, will deliver in spades.

Without a doubt, Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison, make up the most exciting musical duo you will encounter this year, regardless of genre. It is so rare to find artists that irreversibly alter the paradigm of any genre of music, and LAIKIPIA prove with “Big Fish” that they surely belong on that list.

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