Kid Fre$h is a Texas-based rapper and songwriter. Stylistically he is described as a storyteller, drawing from real life experiences. On his latest track “Pe$os”, which rides on a butt-shaking Latin beat, the Kid delivers his colorful rhymes in both English and Spanish, showcasing the multicultural flavors in his music. He crafts songs filled with lifestyle and street-isms that have a sense of believability about them. The new track sets a groove-inducing tone from the outset, as over the piano and percussion-driven instrumental Kid Fre$h flexes with a flurry of red hot rhymes. A record like this one, where the content caters more towards the streets and the beat is distinctively booming and more hard-hitting, places the Kid in a pocket where he is clearly at his most comfortable.

“Pe$os” is clearly the kind of song where Kid Fre$h thrives most. His skill-set lies greatly in his ability to deliver relatable content and be catchy. He proves that top-notch lyricism and producer synergy remains the cornerstone of credibility and artist relatability in Hip Hop.

The track finely tunes the best assets in Kid Fre$h’s artistic tool-set while digging further into his own artistic head. By all accounts, the project will be praised by all for its top-tier rhyming and serve as an antidote to the current melancholic emo-trap-mania.

Kid Fre$h rapping works almost as another sound effect. He composes fun syncopated rhythms for himself and he recites them with ease as his rhymes dance around the beat. He works clean and knows how to fill out each bar appropriately. Kid Fre$h definitely has the skills to hang with some of the best rappers of today.

“Pe$os” keeps a consistent tone and attitude throughout as we are exposed to his blunted reality. The Latin-styled production perfectly fits his style and is hypnotically addictive after a couple of spins.

Kid Fre$h also doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, while showing off a humorous side, and deceptively clever lyrics when conveying his mindset. This is a rare trait in the heavy-handed hip-hop game.

Practically every element in the song, and the visual, plays off each other’s strengths, allowing Kid Fre$h’s active delivery and rhymes be the stars. On this his latest single, Kid Fre$h sounds like a stress-free rapper who loves luxurious instrumentals that enable him to flow freely. That feel-good vibe is naturally transmitted to the listener.

“Pe$os” is like new wave of fresh air on the hip hop scene and it would appear, Kid Fre$h is clearly aware of this. The track is smart, and eclectic. When everyone is so busy trying to act like they’re a rapper by being overly bombastic and in your face, the Texas-based artist gets the Latino groove going on, while still retaining a relentless lyrical flow.

“Pe$os” deserves all the recognition for Kid Fre$h becoming an even better version of himself, and much of the rap game, here. The track shows an artist willing to work his craft to the fullest. Kid Fre$h will only make a stronger impact from here on.