American recording artist and songwriter, Melissa B. has joined forces with composer and a music producer, Juan Cristiani, who has worked with many Grammy winners, to create a pop song inspired by Disney’s music, entitled “Dancing in the Rain”. The recording features violinist Javier Casalla, who has played with Luciano Pavarotti and two-time Oscar winner, Gustavo Santaolalla, as well as mixing engineer Matthew Sim, who has worked with Big Sean, J. Cole, Usher, Frank Ocean, Bon Jovi, and Keith Richards among others. The song is supported by a video clip which focuses on how the sensitivity and the imagination of children can teach us, and how we in turn can afflict them with forms of suppression and judgement.

Melissa B.

Ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to get anything done, when feel completely demotivated? You might be experiencing a rough patch, or noticing that your dreams are not being realized. Change is always possible. Things can get better and with time, success could be imminent.

If you want it of course. You probably already know that music is one of the best remedies for getting motivated. It can easily change your mood. Listening to music is a great way to lift yourself up and get back on our feet.

“Dancing in the Rain” is one of those songs able to pick up your spirits and sweep them way up high. The opening lyrics quickly unlocks the song’s intentions: “When your dream is calling / A light will come along / And you see and know / That you don’t give up at all / Don’t you feel alive / Just let go.”

The message of course, needs a voice to carry it deep into your heart and soul, to make any real impact. And Melissa B.’s crystal clear, pitch-perfect vocal cords are sweetly motivating, empowering, and positive in this ‘can do’ song!

Juan Cristiani

Her performance makes the song swell you up with confidence and pride using lines like: But until the time / You won’t give up / You give it all you got / Deep inside you gotta let it shine.” This will help inspire you into overcoming those obstacles that could or would be in your way. It’s a very positive song that helps boost you up when you’re feeling a bit low.

“Dancing in the Rain” is a song for everyone who refuses to accept defeat and who still has a lot of fight left for the dreams they have on hold. The musical arrangement is magnificently built around the lyrical narrative, but without being overtly overwhelming. It builds, refrains and rebuilds until it has injected enough energy and joy into the exhilarating melody it supports.

The collaborative pair of Melissa B. and Juan Cristiani are phenomenal artists putting together inspirational words and empowering beats to motivate and get you going where you need to be in life. And it really doesn’t matter which age group you belong to, as long as you have a dream to believe in!