Isaiah Davis is a multi-talented recording artist from Charlotte, NC. His current catalog is a comprehensive and multifaceted set that captures the various sides of not only his artistry but his humanity. Each track has been carefully considered, and their disparateness is obvious. Davis also shows his varied choice in beat, which makes all of his tracks easily accessible. Many current artists use similar beats throughout an entire set-list, but Davis chooses different beats to make each song stand out in that aspect.

Davis can deliver his lyrics in a smooth, conversational way, but he really shines with his ability to rhyme and flow like the best in a raw, grittier way, which contrasts with the almost with some of the soulful beats. Overall Isaiah Davis is confident and self-assured and there’s probably no stopping him from here on ahead.

We ran through some of Isaiah Davis’ projects and found a solid artist, able to prove that he can make anything he wants to do, work, from hard-hitting commentary, to energetic bangers. Davis is working towards carving out a stylistic niche that prevents him from being boxed into any of rap’s cliques.

He sounds reflective and collected when he raps, yet wildly rambunctious and aggressive in the same breath. His ever-shifting aesthetic makes him one of the most invigorating prospects to come out of his state.

A good example of his art can be gauged on the single “Homage”, where Isaiah Davis kicks the shit out of modern rap, and the new wave of mumble rappers. Everything from the visceral vocal flow, to the resonating narrative, and dark cinematic production, feels crafted with meticulous detail on this track. Take one listen to and you’ll see. Isaiah Davis wastes no time with subtleties.

Isaiah Davis’ main strength is that he’s able to powerfully build his lyrical identity throughout the song. Davis’ sound, drips with venomous energy. He raps with a dexterous touch that breathes vibrant energy into every line. Davis’ classic brand of music will throw you for a loop, as he brings dynamic wordplay and intense verbiage back into the modern game, with each verse growing more ominous.

The clandestine ardor that grows from Isaiah Davis’ voice as the song goes along seems to make it grow fiercer, more forceful. Yet that kinetic energy flows like a river, bringing a snarky and cocky attitude that permeates the song’s very backbone.

While “Homage” showcases all the talent and artistic identity of the Charlotte, NC rapper, Isaiah Davis emanates the feeling of unapologetic ambition towards something even greater. We need to embrace artists like Isaiah Davis who can create tracks like “Homage” – a refined effort that puts the genre’s core elements of vocal craft and lyricism at its forefront.