One of my favorite rap artists of late. Norwegian Andy Pett’s music speaks from the heart, to the heart. His tracks are infectious and his lyrics inspiring. From beginning to end you get a picture of what it means to be a normal person with issues. The whole point of Andy’s music is that we are all in the same boat. Whether a rapper or a high school kid or a middle aged white guy working in a bank, everyone struggles with the same issues – forgiveness, lust, faith, guilt, failure and feelings of unworthiness. Andy’s previous single release, “Back Again” gave us a close up taste of what it’s like to fall, struggle and get back up on your feet again. This was a serious Andy Pett, pouring his heart and soul out to his audience about his trials and tribulations.

Now on his brand new single “Dumb Love”, Andy shows us another side of psyche. Though a bittersweet tune about a failed relationship and getting dumped, throughout, Andy’s sense of humor and ability to not take himself too seriously shines through making the song a genuine pleasure to listen to.

Raw honesty and tremendous creativity are two of the most striking aspects of this work. The production is top notch, the energy is high, and Andy is one of the best in the genre right now, when it comes to clever wordplay and captivating storytelling.

“You know, I’ve had my heart broken like three times now? And I don’t know, I guess if I want to attract women like flies, I’ll have to be a dirt bag.” That’s how this song kicks off, giving you an early warning of the tongue in cheek candidness Andy Pett is preparing on this track.

“Dumb Love” is a fun kind of quirky track with the encouragement to be open-minded people when listening, as Andy weaves his stinging tale of bombed out relationships and the wrong kind of women. The rapper’s crisp bars deliver well, with transparent, witty, and at times cryptic lyrics, as Andy often buries layers of hidden messages and motifs under the surface of his rhymes.

In fact Andy revealed that the song is also about not being willing to reflect on your own faults. “Something that is true for most people in more settings other than just love and relationships,” he concluded.

He also hinted at the fact that “Dumb Love” is loaded with references to well-known pop artists, old school rappers, world events and political madness.” So keep your ears pinned to the speakers for giveaways. With his mixture of realness, and authentically sharp writing, Andy makes a good case as to why this is a great track.

“Dumb Love” is a punchy, bouncy hip-hop track soaked in a lyrical edge. Andy Pett frantically spits cadences over playful keyboard licks and a hip-shaking beat, talking about: “I don’t wanna play the game of love, I wanna be faithful.” Considering the misogynistic boasting that is prominent in the hip-hop scene, this is a revolutionary statement.

The song is crafted to build into a layered up-tempo jam. Andy Pett’s single “Back Again” is certainly one of the standout tracks of the year, and now with “Dumb Love” he shows off another side of his maturity, in both rapping and songwriting.

Saying Andy Pett is a talented rapper is a little bit of an understatement, as he can spit lyrics out at a phenomenal rate when he wants. Moreover, he can be playful, heartfelt and inspiring on the turn of a dime. That’s something special right there, its time you get into it!