Andi Young is a precocious talent who is able to play several instruments such as the piano, violin, and more. He arrived with a large splash following his stunning demo song “Time To Say Goodbye” which climbed to the number one spot on SoundCloud’s singer-songwriter chart, garnering over three million views. Young is currently working on his EP with Robert L. Smith, who has previously worked with Lady Gaga and U2.


Andi Young

During September Andi Young released his official debut single “Lonely Child”“This song is for the Lonely Child that I once was,” says Andi, “and for everyone in this world who feels the same. In order to conquer fear you must embrace vulnerability.”

Young’s debut is an introspective and moody piece of work, with fractions of liberatingly uplifting moments where his wide-range voice reaches towards the heavens. It is a track, which evolves through its slow revealing beat, and has a deeply intricate core based around sonic landscapes and a truly extraordinary atmosphere.

With its beautiful quivering verses and richly layered choruses it is a stellar highlight of Young’s catalog. it is a testimony to the youthful brilliance of Blake that he can evoke such powerful pop pathos and carve out a distinctive niche, which solely belongs to him. The liquidly picked guitar lines could seem repetitive to some but sit down and really listen to its underpinning beauty.

If you seek music pumped full of Adrenalin and emotional excitement, you will find it here. If you want music by an artist taking on board and developing a range of influences, and then trying to do something completely different with them and largely succeeding, then this is for you.


Andi Young

Living in a time where the music consumer can comfortably access and listen to any artist he or she chooses, past or present, I think there’s an onus like no other, on this generation of new artists to produce music that’s truly distinctive. Whether Andy Young consciously contemplates this thought or not is debatable, however the uniqueness of his single, “Lonely Child” is certainly not up for questioning.

His previous demo release already saw him crafting a unique lane for himself yet he upped the ante on this eponymous release, to present his three octave singing voice as the main selling point here. Hardly has there been an artist able to match emotive balladeering and forward thinking pop as honestly as Andy Young does here, his song, brilliant in its own right, is equal parts challenging and emotionally provocative.

The soulful sound of Young’s ineffable vocals is heard permeating over a rich arrangement and hard-hitting snare snaps as he sweeps away all the pessimistic experiences of his past, with an enchanting array of quicksilver lyrics, manipulated synths and multi-layered vocals coming together to mesmerizing effect.

For someone who utilizes music to accompany their own consciousness in an introspective fashion, “Lonely Child” is another masterpiece of modern music.