It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement around upcoming artists who pop up with viral songs. But these are the artists that control the narrative in any given year. These are the artists who have the youthful exuberance to take big swings and push the genre forward, while also possessing enough confidence to pull it all off.  These are the artists who are making the best songs and leaving the biggest mark at this moment in time.

One such exiting newcomer to the scene is Iniekung Andrew aka 99Drizzy. To be fair he is not exactly a newcomer, having recorded his debut single in 2019, which he funded with his own money. However he is new to my radar, and he is working on his debut full-length project.

I bumped into 99Drizzy via his single “Superman”, out via the Sufferings & Offerings Music label. Here the artist has found his groove, and it’s to the tune of his own whistle. The Lagos, Nigeria rapper has been building traction, and has expanded his unique style of melodic rapping.

Here he showcases the new skills he has picked up since gaining popularity, as he continues to be a compelling emcee because of the way he burrows around the production, never losing his artistic flavor or getting lost in the beat.

On “Superman” he blends his multi-tempo cadence to create a song with wide appeal. And even though it’s still yet to be seen how 99Drizzy sound will translate to a proper debut studio album, based on the material he’s released so far, we have a feeling he’ll proudly deliver.

99Drizzy injects every song he’s on with his unique brand of new-school swag mixed with Nigerian bravado, and his latest single, “Superman” is a testament to that energy.

Thanks to his infectious personality and natural gifts as a melodic rapper, 99Drizzy will always be relevant. While he plans to be one of the more tenacious young rappers in the game, “Superman” is a deft showcase of his immense talent.

Who knows what the future holds, but it’s impossible to talk about upcoming, modern melodic rappers, without mentioning 99Drizzy. He has a winning combination of technical ability and charisma.

Reflecting the latest sonic evolutions of modern hip-hop, 99Drizzy’s star potential is undeniable, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see him climb playlists in the near future.

99Drizzy’s knack for melody is the centerpiece of “Superman”, and the reason why the Nigerian rapper is going to be a mainstay on playlists. He’ll soon be crooning for the charts, venting heartfelt lyrics, and giving the melodic rap elite a run for their money with dazzling hooks and melodies. And he’s just getting started.

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