Say what you will about 3Mind Blight – and there’s plenty to say about the award-winning multi-genre artist – but he’s a poet, a rocker, a singer and a rapper, who has always had unique phrasing, wordplay hard-hitting soundscapes that have distinguished him from the pack. It may be hard to look past these impressive elements, but his new pop-rock single, “Halo”, is just as good as anything else he has done. Here 3Mind Blight turns down the volume and the abrasiveness, but not the intensity and emotion. The shimmering jangle of the guitars are clean and bright. The drums are steady and subtle. However, the vocals remain gritty, gravelly and powerful, moving from conversational tones to a blunted soar.

3Mind Blight’s way with words is again undeniable here, with lines like, “I can see the halo, when I look in your eyes. But I can see the righteous side if you say, you’re seeing mine. A sinner repenting is sinning again. Only doing good do wash away all of my sins.”

3Mind Blight knows how to write a damn good song, and with tracks like this, you should understand why that statement rings true. “Halo” focus heavily on vocals rather than bringing the music up to match him. So there is no sonic blasting to hide inadequate songwriting.

3Mind Blight’s writing, understated production and compelling vocals are all high quality, and make for a cohesive package on “Halo”. Discovering this single, you will come across an artist who is not only extremely talented, but is a thorough, serious, dedicated musician. This is especially rare to find in the current day and age when nearly all artists are more about the fame than the music.

“Halo” showcases 3Mind Blight’s raw emotive vocals, to its fullest. The song is not only strong in vocals and music, but also lyrically. I would say listening to this single is a very good introduction to 3Mind Blight’s music and style, but is by no means a reflection of what he can create as a composer and performer, as it only represents the tip of an iceberg when it comes to the palette of his stylistic endeavors. “Halo” literally highlights an entirely different sound to 3Mind Blight’s music, which will appeal to both the pop and rock audiences.

Packed full of soul and intelligent lyrics, this is a truly beautiful song, which should bring 3Mind Blight some more kudos. 3Mind Blight seems to just get better and better with time and the level of talent and penmanship he brings to each release is absolutely first class.

With an impressive multi-genre back-catalogue of music to choose from, “Halo” adds yet another stylistic feather in his cap. It takes a special kind of performer to really draw you into each and every song they release, and make you feel like you have lived it – and 3Mind Blight does exactly that.

Many artists can find themselves being stuck in a cycle of producing the same material over, and over again. This is never the case with 3Mind Blight. “Halo” certifies that fact once more.