Tracygirl is great new artist already popular on Spotify. “Big Money Melitia” ft. TDP is a really fun light, clean rap song. There’s a lot to marvel at when it comes to Tracygirl’s technique: her deep resonating syllable sprays, mesmerizing in certain parts of the song is invigorating.

She zigzags in the pocket of the beat, the clarity of her narrative resulting in a hard-earned cumulative effect, making “Big Money Melitia” plenty inviting, sonically speaking. It’s a fascinating listen that manages to sound fun and entertaining, in a genre that’s recently been inundated with emo and sad-boy narratives.

Tracygirl’s flow as a rapper is incredibly unique. She sounds confident and easy-going when she raps, and brings a charismatic performance to the song, through her obvious aplomb on the mic. It’s a one-of-a-kind voice. You’ll love the power in her tone.

Production-wise, there’s so much to grab your ear – from the slapping drums to the shimmering keys, and the groovy rhythm. There can be no doubt, “Big Money Melitia” ft. TDP by Tracygirl is a keeper.