On their album, “Blisters”, The Bawl Slant shows a great balance moving between heavy sludgy riffs and groove-laden stoner vibes, as well as blunt punk bombast, which they decorate with mellifluous anthemic-styled vocals. The interplay between the members is perhaps one of the albums strengths as the band are a well-organized unit. This album is quite complex and progressive at times, both lyrically and musically. The Bawl Slant have put their heart and souls into this album and you can tell every time you listen to it.

Based outside of Stockholm Sweden, The Bawl Slant take heavy inspiration from 90’s alternative rock bands like Seaweed, Jawbreaker, Nirvana, Helmet, and the Pixies. Basically The Bawl Slant are equipped to kick your ass until your brain is lodged from your skull. Right from the opening track, “It Gets So Heavy” they give you powerful hardcore punch to the nose with bone-crushing guitar riffs and soaring vocals.

“Poor Punk Johnny Rock” doesn’t deviate from the standard of pummeling rock, and grinding riffs, making sure the album maintains it’s explosive momentum. By the time the glorious rumble of the track reaches its closing, the infectious riffing and vocal melody would have wormed their way into your brain and will not leave. “What Will It Take” has the rhythmic thrust of a steamroller as it rides towards pure mayhem.

At this point The Bawl Slant have shifted into overdrive as they cruise into the up-tempo flourishes of “Jaded and Lazy”. By this time, it becomes clear that this is an album you should get no matter what type of rock you like. Strong musicianship make these songs work and most of the riffs get inside your head. Ironically, it is exactly at this point that The Bawl Slant flip their sonic template on “I Wait Alone”, with a stripped down acoustic guitar intro.

No fear, sonic limbo only lasts 28 seconds before the band erupt into full-blooded action, with driving guitars, beating drums and a gravelly but catchy lead vocal. “What Does It All Mean” is a head-banger’s paradise, locked into a racy rhythm and shredding guitars. It is simply a high-energy concoction that just doesn’t get boring. There’s always a million things going on at once. In a world where rock is becoming predictable, The Bawl Slant are one of the most vital sounding bands around.

From “Broken Home” to “Gasoline” and “Living Fast, Dying Young”, The Bawl Slant bounce between different ideas at such a rate that the experience is as much an uncontrollable adrenaline rush as it is anything else. The result is a record that is overwhelmingly extravagant, relentlessly exciting, and outright entertaining. “This Situation” is a highly charged groove-driven anthem with churning guitars and gritty vocals.

“Sitting Outside a Taco Bell” hangs onto its punk roots while going for soaring solos, and an understated transcendent melody. The track runs straight into “Held By Stiches” which maintains the same rhythm and momentum, but intensifies the vocals. “Everything Changes” flaunts an incessant rhythm with a blistering, aggressive production. “Break Down” finally offers a few minutes of respite with a stripped-down soundscape, comprising an acoustic guitar, emotional strings, and a thoughtful voice.

In an era where countless sound-alike bands are rolling off the corporate music industry assembly line, The Bawl Slant are ready to establish themselves as an original entity. Bolstered by some scorching musicianship, with Kristopher Bolin on vocals, guitar, and bass, Fabio Nardelli on drums, and Adriano Eretta on lead guitar, it’s nearly impossible to categorize the band, and that’s by their own purposeful design.

Limited pressing of CD’s will come with cover art by Eetu lljamo and buttons for your motorcycle jackets. The “Blisters” album can only be purchased on Shore Dive Records at the Bandcamp website. Mixing and mastering by www.apocalypsestudios.co.uk