There are so many things that clamor for our attention and devotion: our jobs, our kids, our spouses, our hobbies—the demands and distractions of life. And we have to be careful not to let them become more important or more of a priority than our relationship with God.

Shalkal whose real name is Shalkal Carty, a Jamaica-born dancehall-reggae singjay is banking his efforts on his latest single Put God First. “This song has been incubating in my mind for a long time. I just thought it’s now time to put pen to paper and bring the song to life, because I do believe in a higher power,” he said.

The song was released on Spotify and other downloadable platforms on October 25th on the Shalkal Music Productions label. He was inspired to pen the song after realizing just how much God had truly blessed his life and paved the way for success in his endeavors’.

His delivery is at once jab-like and inspiring, reflective of the track’s cheekily confident lyrics and the broader legacy it evokes. Shalkal states that putting God first will also give you the fuel to accomplish your dreams. “Putting God first is not just something you say, if you live your life according to this specific plan [then] it will move wonders in your life,” he said.

Shalkal also puts God first in all his life plans and business ventures. He has asserted that it was God who helped him with one of his most challenging projects to build an apartment complex in Runaway Bay, his home town. “I feel like I’ve been guided through life by putting God first, and many of the things I’ve acquired is because of consistently putting God first in every phase of my life,” said Shalkal.

Shalkal grew up in Runaway Bay, St Ann, where he attended York Castle High in Brown’s Town, and since his big tracks Envious So, Come Money Come went viral, Shalkal has shown he has staying power. He is also known for songs like Fi You Money, and the humorous Ungrateful Maga Dog.

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