Prepare to be entranced, fellow gamers and music enthusiasts, as we dive headfirst into the mesmerizing world of Joseph Hatcher’s latest auditory masterpiece, ‘3MIN MATCHA.’ As a sound designer extraordinaire with a long-standing background in the Entertainment, Amusements, Advertising, and Video Game Industries, Hatcher weaves together his diverse experiences into a sonic tapestry that defies convention and embarks on a journey of creative revelation! Since the 1990s, Joseph Hatcher has been tinkering with voices and music, honing his skills in multiple visual and audio projects. This artistic diversity provides him with an edge, allowing him to tackle creative obstacles with a fresh perspective and unyielding enthusiasm. When the well of creativity runs dry, he embraces these different avenues, leading to a harmonious amalgamation of ideas that leaves us in awe.

The 15-track extravaganza that is ‘3MIN MATCHA’ emerges as a monumental testament to Joseph Hatcher’s artistic influences, which reads like a who’s who of musical legends! From the trailblazing Yuzo Koshiro to the iconic Michael Jackson, from the melodic genius of Koji Kondo to the captivating rhythms of Jack White – Hatcher’s musical ancestry runs deep. For this very soundtrack, Peter Hajba (Skaven) of Bejeweled match 3 games served as an extraordinary inspiration, guiding Hatcher’s creative hand and leaving an indelible mark on each vibrant composition.

Delving into the individual tracks, you will discover that ‘3MIN MATCHA’ is more than just a gaming soundtrack; it’s a collection of sonic tales that captivate and enthrall even outside the gaming universe. Drawing inspiration from classics like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Mario Kart, and Resident Evil, as well as other match-3 games and the iconic Tetris, Hatcher constructs a musical menagerie that is bound to take you on an unforgettable ride.

Prepare to feast your ears on an array of electronic marvels that traverse the spectrum of sound. From minimal atmospheric arrangements that wrap around your senses like a soothing mist to propulsive maximalist productions that ignite an inferno of emotions within, ‘3MIN MATCHA’ showcases Joseph Hatcher versatility as a masterful composer and narrator of instrumental tales.

The auditory delights that await you are as diverse as they are captivating – with rumbling basslines, skittering percussion, and jagged synth melodies intertwining seamlessly with dynamic rhythmic grooves, each track unfolds like a well-crafted saga of sound. It’s no wonder that ‘3MIN MATCHA’ could stand tall as an independent electronic album, possessing a brilliance that transcends the need for visual accompaniments.

Yet, I would envisage that it is within the enchanting universe of the game that this symphonic opus takes on a life of its own. Imagine the synergistic fusion of sound and visuals, as every track finds its perfect home, elevating the gaming experience to an unparalleled level of immersion. Alas, until we can savor this synesthetic wonder firsthand, ‘3MIN MATCHA’ remains a standalone audio project that boasts the power to stir emotions and transport us to a realm of sonic wonder, entirely on its own merits

Let’s take a moment to unravel the intriguing tracklist that awaits us: Amplifying Ambition: Fuels your determination with electrifying beats and soaring basslines. Knowpiercer: Shatters barriers and conquers challenges with an intense percussive assault.  Chill Feets: Finds tranquility in the soothing bass-dominated rhythms and subtle melodic caress of this track. Helpful Neighbors: Unites us with the harmonious and joyful notes of camaraderie. Joyful Farmlife: Embraces rhythmic beauty and blissful harmony. Yuzo Music Inspires: Pays homage to a maestro with a symphony of inspiration. Strive Fr Life: Embraces the relentless pursuit of victory as it propels you forward. No Sphear: Lose yourself in a propulsive and enchanting futuristic soundscape .

Forever Dancing in Rain: Surrender to the rain-drenched melodies that beckon you to dream. SynthFather Clock: Witness the union of tradition and futurism in this rhythmic timekeeper. iiiXlix: Embark on an enigmatic journey guided by enigmatic rhythms and melodies. Steam Brain: Allow the hypnotic beats to lock your senses in this captivating creation. Carnalveil: Unleash your curious side in this skittering pageant of sound. Karma Grooves: Sway to the rhythm of this cosmic groovy delight. Pondering Ponds (in Memory of Rieko): Reflect on cherished memories in this poignant tribute.

So, whether you are a gaming music aficionado seeking to elevate your listening experience or simply an electronic music enthusiast in search of an exceptional auditory journey, ‘3MIN MATCHA’ by Joseph Hatcher is an offering that deserves a place in your heart and playlist. Succumb to a spellbinding symphony of electronic brilliance that transcends boundaries and adds new parameters to gaming soundtracks. Drink deep from the cup of ‘3MIN MATCHA,’ and let the melodies and rhythms sweep you away into a world of musical enchantment!

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