For Lawrence Qualls Aka BoogaloodaGod, everything starts with the drums. It has been that way since he was 5 years old. Today the California based musician and producer, has become a renowned name in the industry. He has rubbed shoulders with including Grammy Award winning producer, Eric Hudson, earned a production credit on Mariah Carey’s single “Infinity”, worked with 7-time Grammy Award winning producer, Gordon “Commissioner” Williams, and international Reggae superstar, Jesse Royal. Qualls has sold out arena tours and produced Billboard-charting records.

In between, he found the time to release his debut album Unbreakable”, in the spring of 2019, and then took the industry by surprise on September the 4th 2020, when he released his complex game-changing masterwork – “The Arrhythmia Soundtrack” – a 5 track EP overflowing with innovative creative intricacies, and compelling emotional fervor.

“The Arrhythmia Soundtrack” capitalized on the promise of Lawrence Qualls’ debut and blessed this decade with a great progressive record mixing urban, rock, jazz and fusion flavors. At the center of it all, the drums, piled high like sedimentary layers. It’s flexible, ever-moving music that could have come from no one else. The EP thrived on pacing, arranging, and the placing of dynamic details that drive you to listen to all of its songs every time you put it on.

Building a project in perpetual motion like that, requires an advanced form of rhythm, and Lawrence Qualls’ sense of purpose was strong enough to yoke all the elements to his intent. Now Quall is getting ready to take his immense skillset to yet another groundbreaking musical destination – “The Adventures of BoogaloodaGod” – a full length Hip-hop album featuring guest artists: John Robinson, Joshua David, Tiye Phoniex, Tiffany Paige, Shelby A. Skyes, and Cyrus Aaron. The release date is set for 12-25-20.

As producer of the set, Lawrence Qualls will provide the stellar framework for the guests to work within, which means that the record will be bound together by the inventive intersections of Quall’s rhythms. His sleek, hip-hop-influenced sounds promise to not be limited to simple nostalgia because in general his productions aren’t shackled to time; the interconnectivity of his music threads through the decades – going both backward and forward.

Hence, expect Lawrence Qualls beats on “The Adventures of BoogaloodaGod”, to not just be a matter of retread and reverence, but rather expansion and potential.  It’s a quality that shimmers throughout his catalog. Qualls is a musician and producer, in a state of perpetual evolution. He is always searching for room to evolve, where he can foster an environment of creativity.

Most producers nail down the groove and leave it at that, considering their mission accomplished. Lawrence Qualls’ music and mindset, suggests he’s interested in something of a larger magnitude, and that its very existence must represent an important step forward. In fact Qualls is also releasing a sample pack for beatmakers and producers, entitled “BoogaloodaGod Sample Pack (Junk & Trash Drums)”.

Lawrence Qualls is taking all his special drum gear to create some raw #goldenerahiphop drum beats and more. It will be 100% live acoustic drum loops performed by him, including Dirty & Filthy One Shots & Refined Vintage Sauce. The pack will include 170 Loops, 93 One Shots and Vocal Samples, for a total of over 263 Samples.

All in all, “The Adventures of BoogaloodaGod” promises to be a fantastic body of work, even without the all-star cast of guest features.

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