Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, Kee Beez never changes. He’s the same exuberant California rapper we first heard in 2010 with the “So Fresh, So Clean” EP. His words swiftly carom off the beat-teetering between spoken word and actual rapping and a sing-song-melody. Ten years and a whole lot of projects later, his eccentric style has aged very well on his last album “Keep It 100”, primarily because his technique can be exercised in multiple different ways – over trap beats, boom-bap, G-funk, you name it.

Whatever he does, Kee Beez succeeds in keeping that California aroma in his sound. Recently the rapper and producer drop the singles “Turnt Up” and “Playing in CA”, taken from the aforementioned project.

His flair for the dramatic comes forth in “Turnt Up”, which is built on an insistent high energy beat, an orchestral bass and dark keys. Kee Beez lays down an articulated flow that works nicely over the driving beat and the snare-kick combo.

Kee Beez stays true to his Bay sound and high energy rapping style that has set him apart for years. The beat smacks in your ears as Kee Beez bodies the verses and rides the rhythm. He is a textbook example of what having talent, charisma, an unmistakable identity can sound like.

Moreover Kee Beez knows his place and sound. Still musically there are moments in his work when he displays his ability to stay up to date with the flavor of the month if he wants to.

“Turnt Up” is a full-on club banger, but as usual with Kee Beez, if he does one thing, it doesn’t mean that he neglects the other. Not simply in the slick way of the game spitter, but by combining so many qualities into one personality, acting as storyteller, hustler, player, survivor, etc. He continually strives for variation, stimulating people’s reactions to his music.

Kee Beez concentrates on his fortes in “Playing in CA”. It’s a position secured by his artistic uniqueness and staying power. The melodic hook adds a pop sensibility to the track, as Kee Beez keeps the tune grounded with his rubber-ball cadence and zig-zagging technique. If it all sounds simple; in reality, it’s anything but. It’s just that Kee Beez makes it sound as natural as breathing.

Appropriately enough, “Playing in CA”, is a hard pounding track with enough bang to shake the subwoofers out of your box. Kee Beez rhymes are full of lived-in lyrical details and anecdotes that give his tracks a human touch. And here the Californian rapper brings the fire.

Having numerous releases under his belt, you know that Kee Beez can squeeze out good projects whenever he puts his mind to the process. There is no faking, fronting or illusions of grandeur. Kee Beez gives it to you, in his rawest form. And that’s exactly what he has done on the “Keep It 100” project, to which these two track play testimony.