In 2012, after a tumultuous time with several major label acts, the Los Angeles/Philadelphia based Australian virtuoso and multi-Instrumentalist, LÖVE aka Jimi James Papworth, finally let his fiercely independent nature take the better of him, as he picked up his bags and headed back to his roots in his hometown of Newcastle, Australia. It can be said with absolute certainty that LÖVE, who played every instrument on the critically acclaimed cult album “Loveula”, has paid his dues in life, and is ready to reap the benefits thereof. Signed as a junior to become a professional goalkeeper, a devastating knee injury on the day of his 18th Birthday party ruined those dreams.

LÖVE’s endeavors allowed him to gather a horde of luminary fans, which included Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Nikki Minaj, The Used, Good Charlotte, Jay Z and Derek Truks. But just when it seemed like his career was heading down the right track, a bureaucratic error saw LÖVE deported from the USA, sidelining for almost three years, and sending him into a deep depression. That occurred after he had already hit rock bottom when his ‘perfect’ marriage ended, apparently due to his wife’s mid-life crisis.

If it’s true that you can’t keep a good man down, then LÖVE may just be a living example of that, because he is back up on his feet, and firing on all cylinders.  “Loveleula” is re-released July 28th, following the Double A-Side single “Feel Good Girl of the Summer / I am Love”. “It’s fucking the best to be back doing me 24/7 – old enough to know better… but young enough to do it again!” says LÖVE.

People who say good music is not being made or “Rock is dead” do not look past what the mainstream pushes, or have never heard LÖVE. These songs prove beyond doubt that his skills and creativity have done nothing but grow with the passing of time.

“Feel Good Girl of the Summer” opens the double-sided gambit with LÖVE’s fingers dancing over the fretboard to carve out the killer riffs, before his passionate voice kicks the song into gear. It’s a rocker that well represents the side of LÖVE’ that is perhaps most accessible to any rock crowd.

Coming right out of the gate with a total face melting vocal, this track has all the rocking vibes with an impressive kickass production to match. There’s enough tension, groove and passion here to power a small city. LÖVE’ clearly has the rock n’ roll goods, and he shares them abundantly with fans.

“I am Love” showcases another side of LÖVE, as he wraps his mellifluous voice with a rasp, around an acoustic driven backdrop. Despite the different more luscious formula, this track continues to deliver quality in spades. “I am Love” is an excellent mid-tempo ballad with reflective, introspective lyrics.

LÖVE mixes soulful sounds and raw emotions into the song, which does shine more of a spotlight on LÖVE’s voice and songwriting abilities. These kinds of songs are when the Australian artist sets himself apart from the crowd.

LÖVE aka Jimi James Papworth is one of those musical dudes that everyone who listens to rock music should know about.  This guy can flat out sing and play, and he is one creative MoFo as well. He should be a household name. He plays a mean-ass guitar, he has amazing vocal chops and he has that damn cool rock n’ roll look, swagger and vibe about him.

Yes, everyone should know him… but due to a series of circumstances, they still don’t. LÖVE is the total package, and with the release of these latest songs, now’s your last chance to get to know him…before the whole world does!