Cremated Souls, an Extreme Metal band from Fort Wayne, Indiana recently burst onto the metal scene with a sound that includes a fusion of death metal, groove metal and extreme metal to create a unique sound all their own. Their shows are SUPER high energy and packed full of some pretty gnarly mosh pits that go non-stop for their entire set!

Cremated Souls’ music is primarily written by Charlie “Thoth” Baughman, the guitar player with some highly impressive technical ability and artistry. He’s been known to do an amazing rendition of Van Halen’s “Eruption” in his own “Thoth” style that completely hypnotizes the audience.

Daniel “Danzilla” Ledsome belts out the lyrics with ferocity and twists and glides all over the stage, hyping the audience to levels of vivacity. He gets the crowd going and doesn’t leave anyone standing still. If the audience isn’t moshing, they are dancing and singing right along with the band.

Bassist, Jason “SquidMarley” Hall holds it down, shaking the stage and mosh floor with an amazing tone that reverberates right through your chest. Hall also plays bass for the Grammy nominated band, Green Jelly.

Drew Bontempo, Drummer, has the power of a nuclear reactor and is all over that drum set. Bontempo absolutely loves the crowd; frequently hopping on the mic to interact with them. He brings the blast beats and the love from the band to their fans.

Judge, Jury, Executioner is one of their most popular tunes from their recently released debut EP, “Masterpiece of the Inverted One”. Enjoy the official lyric video created for this brutal mosh pit favorite.

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