I would imagine that by now most of you would be familiar with Italian prog-rock, cinematic and symphonic-styled composer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, as he has appeared on our blogs on previous occasions. Last month, Lorenzo released another musical piece, entitled “The Thrill”, which is described as a composition meant to remind us of the thrilling moments in our lives. As you can expect, the progressive feel is prominent throughout the record, contrasted by the rich orchestrated parts and dynamic choral interludes. The sounds are as atmospheric and mesmerizing as ever, whilst also being addictively catchy, plus the melodies actively awe-inspiring.

“The Thrill” gets off to a high-octane start, as speedy strings and banging percussion drive the music forward. Whilst there are moments of ambience, it doesn’t let up, keeping the high energy going, giving a sense of urgency to the track. The pounding rhythm is filled with breakdowns and buildups, to resemble the thrill of an undulating roller-coaster ride. The track alternates between minimalist sections, and many added orchestral elements and layers, making it feel very dynamic. Sweeping strings and excellent percussion complement each other extremely well here.

“The Thrill” has a subtle intertwining melody to it that is highly catchy, frequently skewing in tone to create different moods. This makes the song all the more satisfying, especially as all the different elements come together, bursting into a cavalcade of orchestrated goodness. The different aspects of the music constantly switch in prominence, and it feels as if there’s a lot going on. Its rhythm is extremely energetic and uplifting. I’d say it’s among the most lively song arrangements on the Lorenzo Bazzoni playlist, at times feeling euphoric.

Lorenzo Bazzoni has created a sound on “The Thrill” that creates a constant rising intensity, but rather than estrange it excites, drawing you deeper and deeper into its world. This is a powerful piece of music that magnifies all of the compelling parts of Lorenzo’s repertoire through a magnified lens. Not only does it underscore the true potential of this hybrid genre, but it also shows just how talented the Italian behind this project actually is at arrangement and mood creation. “The Thrill” is every bit as relentless, unstoppable and unshakable as anything released in the genre over the past year.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, who started composing in 2015 is totally self-taught, and just uses his ear in the absence of music theory. His preferred bands are Dream Theater and Symphony X.

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