MDN EA has finally released his studio EP entitled “Paid In Full”, featuring the single “Back 2 Back”. There has yet to be a MDN EA project that you won’t listen to frequently. All of his recordings have fire beats, hard-hitting bass, and incendiary flows. So the question is, how does “Paid In Full” and the new single match up?  As always, MDN EA’s music uses a complex combination of fast pulsing hi-hats, heavy bass, cosmic melodies, and his original flow to create another set of captivating productions.

For starters, he certainly proves not to be a clone to any level, while at the same time draining just about every idea from the new wave of rap and hip-hop. The result is a balanced and intentional project – making it one of the very best rap EP’s of its kind in recent memory. In fact, MDN EA shows plenty of songwriting maturity across this whole project. He obviously has the typical rap talk, and some of his more hard-hitting lyrics, which are awash with plenty of standout moments.

In fact, “Paid In Full” greatest strength is how well constructed and balanced it is for a rap EP. The variety of beats and sounds make for a really strong listen. Moreover, MDN EA is a highly technical and commanding MC, who can deliver full on bangers and good vibes. Dig deeper on here and you will find some solid lyricism and emotional moments as well. The singlePaid In Full” perfectly encompasses all of MDN EA’s is best artistic traits, as he unpacks his narrative over the piano, bass and hi-hat dominated backdrop.

Through it all MDN EA delivers music that exudes his unmatched confidence. Along with this, he has this ability to flow over beats at his own effortless momentum, and while he is spitting, the listener is lured deep inside his world. The appeal of MDN EA is what has grown the fan-bases of so many Atlanta artists that came before him.