Introducing the newest voice bringing intelligence and awareness back to hip-hop today, and he’s only eight years’ old – Red Vegus!

Red Vegus

Despite his age, the latest prodigy from the Moore Foundation brings wisdom and insight of his youth to the mic, becoming the voice of the next generation, now.

When he’s not in the studio with his father working on the next track, or on stage mesmerizing crowds, Lil RED is still living life as a kid, hanging out with his friends and family, keeping up with his grades, and dealing with struggles and challenges of growing up in today’s world.

Those struggles and challenges in the context of his upbringing are the sources for his compelling lyrics on tracks like “Shorty” and “Lean Wit Me.” As he’s learning more daily about the music industry, we get to watch him grow and evolve into a bonafide phenom.

Witness his RISE on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, with official music videos and concert footage on his own YouTube channel. 2019 is the Year of the R.E.D. so expect lots of updates, new material, and performances.

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