The Flying Cruisers is a soft rock band fronted by female vocalist Ana Kreimeyer with Justin Waterman as the lead guitarist, Morgan Waterman on the drums, and Carlos Garcia as the bass guitarist. Rather than go for the usual de-emphasized soft rock beat and upbeat sound we all know and love, they use Ana’s clean melodic vocals on top of the band’s fury to play covers and create soft rock music that’s instantly memorable.

“Open Up the Door” is a deep, emotional ballad about finding yourself and opening your life to more possibilities. Searching your feelings is something hard, and very scary to do. The female protagonist of the song is singing to a dear friend. She tells the friend to “open up the door” in order to wake up and realize his full potential.

If only he could muster the courage to “open up the door” and find what’s waiting for him on the other side. She’s waiting for him here, ready to lend a hand, comfort him, and show him his destiny. She does not want him to settle and to be in this dark slump forever because she knows he’ll be much happier and healthier on the other side.