The latest offering from The Badly Behaved, titled ‘Soulless City’, hit the airwaves on April 22nd courtesy of Girlfriend Records, marking yet another milestone in the band’s eclectic musical journey. Drawing inspiration from the eerie dystopian atmosphere of Alex Proyas’ 1998 film ‘Dark City’, the single plunges listeners into a world where perpetual darkness shrouds an unsuspecting populace. This sonic exploration of life in a desolate, post-utopian society employs a clever musical device—a change in key—to juxtapose the gloomy verses with the more uplifting choruses, reminiscent of the fleeting glimpses of light at Shell Beach in the film.

Crafted by the talented Richard von Kalmar and skillfully remixed by Philipp Lauer, ‘Soulless City’ weaves together haunting vocals by Stewart Irving and Richard von Kalmar with an infectious electronic bassline and a captivating dance beat. Released as a 3-track EP, the single showcases the original version of the song along with Lauer’s mesmerizing remix and a Radio Edit of the same. Lauer’s remixes, characterized by a reversed bassline segueing into a dynamic chorus with a key change, add an extra layer of depth to the track, with Irving’s vocals receiving a futuristic twist through a vocoder.

This latest release follows The Badly Behaved’s successful trajectory, building upon the momentum gained from their previous endeavors. Their 10-track studio album, ‘Who am I?’, unleashed in May 2022, featured a chart-topping remix of ‘Runaway’ by Philipp Lauer, soaring to the number one spot on the European Indie Music chart. September 2023 witnessed the band’s innovative take on Booby Orlando’s 1980s classic ‘She Has A Way’, with five distinct cover versions that stayed true to the original lyrics and chord progressions while reinventing the song’s structure, instrumentation, and arrangements.

Diversifying their sonic palette, The Badly Behaved ventured into the realm of spiritual fusion with ‘Govinda Jaya Jaya’ in late 2022—a mesmerizing electronic track infused with the ethereal chants of the Hindu tradition. Drawing from the rich tapestry of the Krishna Consciousness movement, the band skillfully blended the ancient chant with modern electronic elements, including pulsating basslines, atmospheric pads, percussion, and expansive guitar sounds, culminating in a euphoric crescendo.

March 2023 saw the release of a remix by the esteemed Italian Producer and DJ duo, Marvin & Guy, further propelling the enchanting chant into the contemporary musical landscape. With influences ranging from Kula Shaker to George Harrison of The Beatles, The Badly Behaved’s eclectic musical journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As they diligently craft new material for release later in 2024, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this dynamic musical odyssey.




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