Inspired totally by the beat, ‘Elucidate’ has Tempest Styles’ distinctive energy all over it. Channeling her natural masculine energy, Tempest Styles flexes her flow over the beat, showing complete control of the mix and the track. With witty lyrics and high energy, ‘Elucidate’ firmly solidifies Tempest Styles as one to watch!

Tempest Styles, formally known as Nina, is a rising hip hop star from the Bronx. She picked up the pen when she was young, inspired by her father Tito Navedo AKA Centipede. Citing Nicki Minaj, Eve and Rah Digga as her main influences, Tempest Styles is carving up her own lane, with her distinctive wit and style. Starting out on Soundcloud, her music is now available on all major platforms.

INSTAGRAM: www.Instagram.con/Itstempeststyles