Malin Humble is a Swedish singer who’s quite new to the scene, or at least it would seem that way with relatively little information online. ‘Perfect Life’ is a great introduction to her as an artist though, and the gentle ballad seems to be gaining decent traction on streaming services such as Spotify

The piano accompanied song gently builds up momentum throughout, and it’s sung with crisp and endearing vocals. The song seems to reflect a mix of emotions but the general feel is generally uplifting.

About the song Malin said: “When life seems perfect, you are the perfect wife, have the perfect house, but you still crying, and the tears are perfect too, but for who?”

In an interview, Malin also drew the comparison between modern life with an emphasis on social media. This also reflected within the song, where things may look great on the outside but not always within, and this theme is probably relatable with many worldwide!

Although still very fresh to the scene, it will be interesting to hear more from Malin Humble in the future. You can follow her on social media for new updates, and also watch her music video below.


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