Have you heard of Side Car? Well, if not, just embrace it, because their music wants to embrace you. Groovy electro-pop and funk that starts and doesn’t stop; mixed with swirling synths out of some acid dream-pop fantasy. Vocals that will remind you of some of the most insistent Top 40 choruses, in the best way possible- i.e. catchy beyond belief and a heck of a lot of fun.

“Kelly” is simply great track for retro-pop lovers from start to finish; infectious groovy fun. If I could have one of three records on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, this one would be an incredibly strong contender.

sidecar-coverSomething like Side Car usually emerges from an underground studio every once in a blue moon to greet hipsters with fistfuls of indie-pop cred, usually sporting some kind of clever name a catchy chorus hook. The simple pleasure of tight falsetto harmonies and delicious keyboard portamento on “Kelly”, is too delectable to pass up. Side Car get all their portions right, too: “Kelly” cooks in just less than four minutes.

Accessibility-wise, the track pogoes around on a snappy and smooth, “Kelly, pick up the phone” vocal hook, that sounds like it might have flown out of a 70’s handheld radio while sitting on a corner in front of the local diner. That should tell you what you need to know.

All it takes is a taste, and you’re hooked. You might not remember the specifics later, but that’s not always a bad thing. “Kelly” just begs for repeat performances, especially because of that icy cool and irresistible, slip-slide bass line. An all-round brilliant band, and completely unrecognized.

Sure, you’re probably not going to see their name in Walmart or Target, but their music is so good. Shiny and big synthesizer and keyboard sounds, amazing acoustics, a great rhythm, cute lyrics, and sweet harmonies, all excellently mastered. Pretty much everything you could ever expect from a pure Pop band, and more.

Here’s something brilliant that hasn’t been done properly or this good in, let’s say, 40 years. You’re listening to something new, something cool that comes from something classically vintage, and it’s all happening here on “Kelly”. This is just waiting to be cranked up on a dizzyingly-loud system to let your brain sparkle!