Boyz Records and Shiest City are pleased to announce the worldwide release of Shiest City’s new single, “Life Like This,” featuring hip-hop icon Jadakiss and Dyce Payne, produced by Dayzel. It will be made immediately available on April 30, 2016 via  iTunes,  Amazon Music,  SoundCloud, Shiest City’s official  website, and more.

Shiest City brings his diverse and multicultural hip hop influences from Brooklyn, as he blends brass, percussion, multiple vocal tracks, and more in “Life Like This.” Shiest brings an original flair to all his music, which really shines in this new track. This track is designed to be a club popper and will be another memorable addition to his already impressive array of songs.

This track features iconic rapper Jadakiss, famous for his work with The LOX and for his hip-hop collective Ruff Ryders. His most recent album, “Top 5 Dead or Alive,” was released on November 20, 2015. He has been a mainstay in the rap industry since 1993 and continues to dominate the industry with his iconic vocals and sharp lyrics.

Shiest City’s previous hits include his most recently released track, “So Loud,” “Truffle Butter,” “Work,” “Politics,” “Checks,” “Lie,” “Right Now,” and more. All released media can be viewed on the official  SoundCloud for Shiest City and through his  YouTube channel.

“Life Like This” is a success anthem. It is a celebration song congratulating hard work and effort and the eventual pay off it comes with, as well as a lesson, showing haters and the unsuccessful how it feels to win, and why they should win more often. Songs like this are a rarity, due to their ability to connect with two vastly different types of audiences: those who are winning, and those who have yet to win.

“I wrote this song for all the winners and soon-to-be winners out there. It’s an anthem, a motivation song, to find your game and to reach for the top,” says Shiest City about the track.

Shiest City’s previous hit, “So Loud,” is about exceeding expectations between lovers when they meet and talks about the physical and mental connection between two people. The track talks about passion, how we lose ourselves in it, and how it is important to feel the moment while it is there. Many girls have a fantasy of a thug that can satisfy her through words and physicality at the same time. When a woman finds herself in her ideal sexual fantasy, she tends to let herself go and not care if someone in the next room or the neighbors down the block hear her screams, she is just trapped in the moment.

Boyz Records President Justin Novel believes “Life Like This” will be one of the best club hits of the year. “Life Like This is probably going to be one of the biggest and best hits. With Jadakiss’s experience and Dayzel producing, this track is going to be a club banger and all the hottest nightclubs and radio stations will be playing this repeatedly.”

“The versatility that Shiest has to rap with any genre of music is ridiculous. EDM, classic blues, gangster rap, he does it all,” said Vice-President Briana Hetherington of BoyzRecords.

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