Formerly known as Brannon, longtime collaborators Jonathon Brannon and David Cagle reintroduce themselves as all-out modern rockers.

The partnership between Jonathon Brannon and David Cagle has produced many memorable songs.  Under the name Brannon, the long distance duo built up an impressive catalog of acoustic releases centered around Jonathon’s intricate songwriting and David’s instantly recognizable voice.  On their new project, they have evolved into something brand new – grunge inspired rockers playing at maximum volume.

Influenced by legendary acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains, ‘So Long’ is a modern reinvention of a classic formula. Instantly recognizable hooks, soaring guitar solos, and non stop rhythms come together to create one huge wall of sound. Produced and co-written by Jose Orozco and mixed by JK Northrup, ‘So Long’ has a truly collaborative feel. Random Parts have clearly tapped into something special, and if ‘So Long’ is any indicator, they are just getting started.

‘So Long’ is available everywhere April 2, 2021.

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