The wildly exploratory and colorfully expressive sound from Norway’s Polyphonic Exophilia has made an incredible impression on listeners & playlists far & wide across the globe throughout the course of 2021.  After establishing their name within the scene through an avant-garde series of music introduced to the world through their innovative & imaginative Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 EPs this summer, the creative collaborators continue to surge blissfully into the realm of the unknown  & unpredictable with Vol. 3, released this October.

With an approach to making music that’s every bit as adventurous, exciting, and unique as their sound is – Polyphonic Exophilia, aka PPXP, embrace the random in a sincere effort to let their organic instincts & natural talents combined guide them into creating mesmerizing new songs that defy typical convention.  Through a collective mindset that extends straight from the core of the band, to the extraneous players that join in on the fun along the way, lending their time & talents like guest-star Marte Holter Balerud on Vol. 3’s “Spacetime,” and renowned Norwegian visual artist Håkon Holm Olsen’s artwork for their cover – Polyphonic Exophilia has entirely proven through their process & music, that art genuinely inspires art.

Over the course of four stunning audible odysseys into their sensational depths of collaborative energy, PPXP takes listeners on an authentic trip through the “Past,” “Present,” and “Future,” bending the entire “Spacetime” continuum through your speakers with their brand-new Vol. 3 EP.  From 100% uninhibited, spirited Jazz fusion, to soulful sound & progressive instrumentation blazing through rhythms & grooves designed to provide listeners with a sensory set-list unlike anything they’ve experienced in music before – Polyphonic Exophilia proudly champion going wherever their music might take them next, taking YOU along for the ride through an entire vibe that dares to be different.  Crafting their organic skills and ideas into otherworldly sound, fully revealing dedicated musicianship that’s undeniably passionate, powerfully engaging, and relentlessly inventive – PPXP’s Vol. 3 EP displays unfiltered creativity at its absolute finest.

A restoration of expressionistic art in music to the nth degree, PPXP has created an inspired experience unlike any other, & a gripping voyage into the unexplored that yields audibly mesmerizing results, 100%.  Officially available now & released across every major music platform online – join Polyphonic Exophilia as they bring their own special brand of sound to the world, through a compelling story of time told in 4 amazing new songs that contain completely unique and radiantly diverse perspectives on their Vol. 3 EP.

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