The latest album by the rap artist features 47 of the 80 original songs that were written in 2020

Upcoming rapper, Phunx successfully launched his much-anticipated album, Home Away from Home, in 2020 in Rochester, NY. The song collection consists of 47 inspiring tracks, which he hopes will help his avid fanbase cope with these difficult times. Home Away from Home is considered his best project to date.

Born in 1989, Patrick Ridgway is an aspiring young musician from Rochester, NY, who is well-known in the industry by the stage name Phunx. Similar to most artists, Patrick (Pat) found solace and strength in music during an excruciating period in his life.

Pat’s natural talent for rap music and songwriting was not discovered, until 2009 when his father lost his life to cancer. The 19-year-old Pat turned towards music, songwriting, and instruments which were new to him at that time as a mode to ease his pain since he had no other place to seek comfort and support.

Over time, Phunx considered music and instruments to be an instant stress relief remedy and a trusted companion who could uplift him whenever he is in distress since it has the power to console him regardless of his worldly state. Phunx’s burning desire to conquer the rap music industry grew stronger with the birth of his beautiful twin sons, Liam and Carter, in 2011.

The upcoming artist has released 9 albums and numerous songs over the past 12-years and displays immense growth in talent and popularity each year. During the Covid-19 lockdown period in Rochester, NY, Phunx converted his boredom into 80 new songs, which led to the launch of his latest album, Home Away from Home.

Pat’s unique universal vibe and unyielding dedication were appreciated and endorsed by Grammy-winning producers such as DJ Babey Drew, and rapper Chevy Woods. His many tours in Boston, MA, and California have influenced his creativity and style immeasurably.

One of Phunx’s most memorable tours is the Boston tour, where he performed with the world-renowned artist DJ Ron G who is also the producer of Tupac. Phunx’s ability to accept constructive criticism from his fans and adjust his path accordingly is one of the most admirable characteristics of the best new rapper from Rochester, NY.

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