Only1DezJ is a hip-hop artist from GA. He explains that music is his passion, it’s how he expresses himself, and also his greatest form of therapy. We tracked down his album “Tha 1st Symphony” to hear what all the fuss was about. It is a relatively concise project, featuring 8 tracks. There’s no filler tracks or wasted room and Only1DezJ makes full use of the space he has. Most of the songs are lush, melodic, and soulfully smooth, and the rapper just sounds explosive on top of the crystalline beats.


Lyrically and flow-wise Only1DezJ is just a monster with his vocal instrument. This project is a prime example of the importance of a tight track list. The high-octane lyrical deliveries make up the majority of the playlist while the mellifluous, subdued backing grooves give the recording the much-needed breathing space.

Only1DezJ has risen to new heights within this project, drawing upon countless sources of inspiration that can be heard throughout the project. The use of classic sound bites and jazzy instrumentals provide “Tha 1st Symphony” with a timeless feeling. Listeners are immediately treated to a depth of production that presents chilled and lo-fi soundscapes which allow the rapper plenty of room to shine.

Only1DezJ lyrics are both studied and yet approachable, while the project is an extreme showcase of the phenomenal range of the rapper’s style and approach to his music. It boggles the mind that such a huge undertaking could be completed within an 8 track project, but Only1DezJ capitalizes on this opportunity to showcase his wide-ranging talents – from rapping to singing.

“Tha 1st Symphony” has a very fluid and linear feel, seamlessly charting a path from start to finish with all assortments of stops and detours along the way. Each and every time that this project concludes, listeners will inevitably be left wanting more. This is a great project, not afraid to dabble with creativity but also showcasing Only1DezJ’s aspirations to reach the world with his sound and style.

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