In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, there are endless female vocalists making a name for themselves. In regards to female vocalists with a powerful spiritual and worship vocation, the numbers are substantiality lower. However, in these troubled times, more and more continue to pop up, but few possess the versatility and devotion that can be attributed to New Hampshire’s Lyric Stonez. The American artist seems to have mastered numerous facets of her craft – from songwriting to singing – proving right from her debut single, “Take This Heart” that she is ready to relentlessly write, sing, record, and worship the Lord, while wooing audiences around the globe in the process.

“Take This Heart” was recorded and produced in collaboration with Dr Jaymz, another excellent EDM praise and worship crusader. The rhythm-laden single represents Lyric Stonez’s desire to provide fans with thought-provoking worship music, drawing up a fine blend between enticingly melodic and unyieldingly dancefloor-ready.

This meticulous fluctuation is the driving force for the single’s musical underbelly. It allows Stonez to toy with her vocal range and comfortably ride the lofty waves of sound.

However, at the forefront of “Take This Heart”, lies its message. The song was released to help combat the growing national drug crisis in the U.S.A. “This song is about taking our pain and crying out to a God who hears and heals,” explains Lyric Stonez.

“I’ve turned to alcohol, drugs, self- inflicted pain, and many other lesser escapes. But Jesus alone brings us the peace we all long for,” continued Stonez. Growing up in a broken family, Lyric suffered childhood trauma and mental illness, but at the tender age of 18, she found Christ and never looked back.

“Take this heart. In my soul, have to let it go. Gotta be free. Nowhere to hide. There’s pain inside, You’re drawing me. Just imagine, what can happen. I see you breaking through, breaking through. It’s a renaissance of a lifetime, yeah. Take this heart,” sings Lyric Stonez in the opening lines of “Take This Heart”, as she unfolds the narrative.

Ethereal and uplifting keyboard chords carry a soulful and organic vibe as the kick-snare rhythm provides an insatiable groove upon the very first listen, bringing forth this gorgeous collaboration with producer Dr Jaymz.

Deft production experience shines through with expertly crafted basslines, infectious hi-hat riffs, and powerful energy throughout that is ready for dance floor domination. On top, Lyric Stonez’s vocal phrasing and shimmering tones are sure to lift your spirits high.

Her vocals are beautifully and expertly wielded throughout, while the melody is wonderfully warm. It all feels like a fresh and new kind of medicine, and if you’re feeling down, Lyric Stonez’s voice may well be the cure.

“Take This Heart” naturally fits right in with Lyric Stonez’s passion for dance music and her faith. In a scene rife with clones, the spiritually inclined songstress stands out as a pacesetter within her genre.

Her debut single takes listeners on a high-energy, dance-filled journey of electronic music with a rare, and much-needed positive message, within a powerful means of communication.  Don’t be surprised if “Take This Heart” becomes a staple on your summer playlist, just be fair to others…and turn it up!