JONJONotic was born 1989 in Louisiana. First started as a poet around 7 years old, and grew into an artist writing HipHop music soon after, when only having artists to look up to, when not having a father figure around, growing up in the struggle, and being thankful for another day to wake up to with the Art of HipHop and music itself to help me cope through any situation. Tupac, Nas etc. The song “Never Again by Killa Beez” had first established the view of Lyricism in HipHop itself. The inspiration of the Song (South Side by JONJONotic) is about what the South Side had brought and is still bringing to the table for the whole world, like as a introduction since the days of Dj Screw from Houston aka “H-Town”, been chopping/scratching it up on the turntables to this present time when over coming over the situations of the life lessons in the mix of things that I have learned to be very valuable when a very few others period had my back in a cold world, though warming it up a little more for them brighter days as many supporters/fans believe in me which I respect whole heartedly and will prove anything is possible that you set your mind to, no matter the extent because the only limits that exists is the boundaries within ourselves.


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