Grayson Word’s debut EP, “Different Kind of Free”, is a fantastic surprise for any music fan. The soulful vocals and the hint of 70’s funk give it a vibe much older than his 18 years. The album, from this American artist, starts with the haunting vocals on ‘Lost’, shares the heartbreak of a lost love in ‘Can’t Get Over You’ and takes us on a beautiful ride through the song ‘Slow’.

Some of his influences include Al Green, Michael McDonald and Earth, Wind & Fire to name a few.

Grayson says realizing his passion for music at a very early age was a huge part of his early development. “I knew I wanted to be a musician from age five”, he said….”I even tried to convince my dad to graduate school early to pursue a music career”.

While his dad would not go for that, Grayson did spend all of his free time writing, recording and developing his skills as a youngster.

We suggest you take a listen and hope you enjoy!