Chicago Music Artist Darren Jay is the Producer, Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter for Darren Jay and The Delta Souls. During the last year Darren Jay used the lockdown as an opportunity to write music in new genres while collaborating with many different artists around the world using remote sessions.

One of those new songs is I Can’t Ever Stop which finds him in the Songwriter and Music Producer role. Darren Jay’s love of hip hop, fueled by the idea of mixing guitars and other live instruments, led him to the writing of this song.

In creating the new single Darren Jay reached out to rapper KeyBeaux from Houston Texas for the vocals, the violins were recorded in Hungary via remote session, the beat was Produced by Chicago Audio Engineer Chalo on Da Track, the guitars were written and recorded by Darren Jay, and the mix was done by Grammy winning Mixing Engineer Rico Lumpkins (TLC, OutKast, Master P). The song’s theme is about the challenges we all face in overcoming fear, doubt and haters.

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