My name is Danilo Concepcion and I’m a 22 year old dancehall artist from New York City. I am Latin Jazz trained musician who transitioned into becoming a singer and now create all kinds of music, including but not limited to R&B, Dancehall and Reggaeton. I went to college to study music but ended up dropping out due to feeling limited in how far I could go with my creativity. I create all my music from scratch, from making the beats, playing live instruments on my tracks, recording the vocals in my bedroom, and designing the cover art.

I also have created a music group/label independently that’s growing more and more every day. My goal was to connect, work with other creators not limited to music artists around my area. I was able to bring many people together and help others network and build up with each other.

The featured artist on this song was not someone I ever met personally. My song “Whine Up Ya Waist” was written and created during the peak of COVID and due to that everything was done remotely. The only communication that was with me and the featured artist was through social media.

I love working on music with others because I get the feeling of being a composer. I don’t necessarily do features to gain anything out of anyone, but I do gain satisfaction in taking other unique artist and blending them in with my music. I always work on music with a clear vision and always think “who would sound nice on this with me”.