Borkar is: Rahul Borkar – vocals Kenny Olson guitar (Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Run D.M.C, and others) Peter Keys – piano (Lynyrd Skynyrd) Greg Upchurch – drums (3 Doors Down, Chris Cornell, Puddle of Mud) Jasin Todd – guitar (Shinedown, Fuel).

Rahul and Kenny Olson had been friends for years and Rahul decided to reach out to Kenny to produce a record for him. Mutual friends were brought in on the project, and one song turned into the idea of recording an album. 3 songs have been finished, but as Borkar was set to do 3 more, Covid hit and the project has been temporarily on hold. It will be finished as soon as everyone is able to get together

Rahul Borkar has also been writing other material throughout the down time. The song “Hold The Heart” is a deeply personal one. Vocalist Rahul Borkar had been going through health problems, and music was his medicine. The title of the Borkar debut solo record was called, “Music Is My Medicine.” The song is what captured Kenny’s attention the most, and is what caused the birth of the project.