Streaming numbers consistently show that hip-hop still reigns as the most popular and influential genre. The culture is all around as hip-hop continues to move the needle. In recent times, fans have witnessed legendary figures make comebacks, rising stars climbing up the charts, and female rappers showcasing their rightful dominance. From legendary artists showcasing their longevity to up-and-coming new artists making a splash, the genre continues to turn out fresh talent. Tymon Kimber, who comes out of KCMO, belongs to the latter group.  Rising star Tymon is out to prove he’s next up with the single titled, “Bloodsport”, which is a certified melodic hip-hop banger.

“Bloodsport” helps showcase how much Tymon shines as a rapper with charisma and confidence ready for the world to take notice. His witty lyricism and effortless flow is proof the rapper is ready for more people to respect his art.

The single is filled with a vibrant melody, skittering hi-hats, and a booming bass that are sure to keep people dancing and take a listener’s mind to another space. “Bloodsport” is what the groove feels like – breezy, bouncy, and all-around cool vibes – the type of track to play while driving across the highway.

“Bloodsport” shows how Tymon Kimber strives to be in a league of his own. Tymon is not only a master at choosing production that he can float across, but also confident in doing so. Breath control, melodic switches, and smooth rhyme schemes are innate in Tymon’s world, as he makes sure to adhere to the new age hip hop canon.

If the track has the purpose of adding another sonic representation of the rapper’s musical personality, it has certainly succeeded in doing so.

It represents a seemingly secure and enlightened version of Tymon Kimber, as he works his way through the narrative. “Bloodsport” seems to describe his ability to be self-aware in his reflections and observations of the people and world that surrounds him.

The tone feels like he’s just shaping up for a series of conflicts and wants to present the best version of himself. Tymon has found his purpose and knows how he can dominate his world. He knows what truly matters as a source of winning and confirmation.

Tymon Kimber has put so much of his raw human energy into “Bloodsport” that it feels just as natural as it does crafted. By showing off many dimensions with so many clever turns of phrase, Tymon demonstrates his care in the art-form. His versatility is also clearly displayed by the ease with which he asserts himself across this track.

“Bloodsport” is better than so much of what else is currently available that there’s no doubt in my mind that Tymon has the potential to one day reach that upper echelon currently occupied by his most conspicuous peers.

The overall vibe and energy on this project is of someone who is very much held together by his ambition to reach the next level. Tymon Kimber sounds like he was born for it.

Connect with Tymon Kimber on Instagram @theofficaltymon