Powerful, soulful vocalists don’t come around every day, and Italian singer/songwriter Laura Pizzicannella is one of them. Her debut single “Killing My Love” set for release on Jan. 17, 2020, showcases her soaring vocals which are reminiscent of both Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and Adele.

“Killing My Love” is a love song about a relationship that has ended and how you try to kill any feelings for the other person that are left in your heart. It’s a very strong, heartfelt and melancholy track written and produced by Flavio and Claudio Zampa.

As a founding member of the Italian rock band Elleborn, Laura is stretching her horizons with a solo album, “Elle,” recorded on the Dutch label Sound2kill4 Records. “Killing My Love” is the first of several singles set to be released in 2020.

Expect big things in 2020 from this exceptionally talented Italian chanteuse.

About: Laura Pizzicannella, known professionally as “Elle,” is an Italian singer/songwriter, born July 25, 1982. Ever since she was a child, Laura has shown she has a very strong personality and a huge passion for music and singing. She began performing as a singer/songwriter/guitarist at the age of 14, both with rock bands and singing at open mic nights. She also began composing her first songs. Over the years, her musical style has grown to include pop and electronic. In 2014, Laura co-founded Elleborn. She is the lead singer and songwriter of the electro alternative rock band, and they have toured all around Italy and Japan since releasing their first album, “Just a Grain of Sand.”

On Jan. 17, 2020, she began her solo career by releasing her first single, “Killing  My Love,” on the Dutch record label Sound2kill4 Records.

Connect with Elle @ https://thisiselle.com/