Many Couples are separated abroad from the ones they love and many are together yet still apart. Life is a series of lessons in many forms, maybe this time can be a discovery, so find new lasting and loving ways to keep the spark home.

The label, publisher HNA Music-BMI (HNA), had shelved the studio album, a mix of Pop Dance, Reggaeton and Ballard tracks of the raspy and versatile artist Mila Franc who wanted to do other things to scale back. This is an advantage for artists at indie labels, they tend to accommodate the requests of their artists and make the necessary changes where applicable.

So, in 2019, HNA elected to scrap the album and release a series of individual tracks, EPs of studio album beginning 2020, most present “Home,” with Instrumental and Extended Versions. In a Mini-Doc video, Mila Franc  speaks about life and her motivation for the story of songs while in-studio in winter of ’17; the “Mila Franc Song Documentary (DJ Home Mom Life)” premiers 11th April 2020 YouTube.

Basis “Home about separation from one’s lover while off traveling with a desire to return ‘home’ and be back together.” Today’s social distancing brings challenges for lovers being physically together and a bit ironic as the decision to release the song now made in 2019. Many couples are home, yet separated, a kind of passionless aloof, it’s devastating.

In 2017, Mila, aka “SpalshD,” requests ‘Home’ be on the album; it was 1st cleared under SplashD, recorded but not released; then Home by Mila Franc with release April 13, 2020. The song had special meaning for Mila, who loved it after first hearing the ’05 hit single, Home, by Michael Buble. Mila’s rendition stays true to the lyrics; however, more up-tempo delivery her raspy voice combines with high dynamics delivers “Home,”; a danceable workout musical enjoyment!

HOME by MILA FRANC, official release 4.13.20; almost all online stores, pre-order 11th on iTunes and Google Play CD on-demand, and the compact disk available; store

Links Home tba (4.13.20) DJ (iTunes) I See You Mom (Spotify)

Mila’s recent posts on social media are around encouraging persons to keep safe and stay home in this time of world crisis, she stated ” family…hope you are staying safe and well”.

We hope “Home” by Mila Franc lifts the spirit of everyone at this time while you’re together, yet still apart. For further information please contact HNA Music at Twitter @hnamusic. #home #it’llallbeallright