Steven Scott aka Hei$enberg was born and raised in Jasper, Texas, but currently resides in Beaumont Texas. Houston rap music was a huge inspiration for him to start making music. “Text Me” is his third release to date, and the follow up to “Bad Chick” which has accumulated over 300,000 streams on Spotify. To hear Hei$enberg’s new single is to witness a once promising artist finally come into his own. He is able to transcend his contemporaries’ limitations with simple pleasures: he takes the fun braggadocio and punch lines that are a hallmark of battle rap, and turns it into smooth tongue in cheek conversational melodies.

Over warbling keys and brawny trap percussion, Hei$enberg spits a catchy, rhythmic, and thematically cheeky hook, and pleasantly surprises you with explicitly candid lines. That being said, he also features an unabashed street-side flow that’ll thoroughly satisfy no muss, no fuss hip-hop heads, as he shuttles through a high speed verse.

You might have to hit replay to catch what he is saying. Putting together a distinctive and ambitious sound, Hei$enberg never sounds pretentious or takes himself too seriously. It’s what makes his sound and style so attractive.

Even the dirty words sound clean because of the inoffensive nuances he loads into them. It’s an usual trait and skill that many rappers don’t have, or probably don’t bother to curate. Hei$enberg employs a head-bopping flow with a throwback flair, making his verses pop. He provides a quick and enjoyable flow perfect for listeners looking for a bouncy but relaxed song, to escape the craziness of everyday life.

“Text Me” supplies two and a half minutes of pure escapism. This project is permeated by Hei$enberg usual swagger, and when he engages in lyrical gymnastics he manages to stick every landing.

The Beaumont-based rapper has a great way of expressing his views which never feels preachy or overwhelming. It’s more like sitting down with a friend and shooting shit. Here he’s talking directly to the ladies, and tells it like it is: “Text me, text me, but girl don’t you stress me.”

Characterized by a gorgeously optimistic tone, the production backing has a smooth minimalism that is offset by flourishes of scintillating keys which color the palette. It’s hard not to have a good time when you hear someone so deftly navigate what is, for all intents and purposes, a common problem for the boys.

On top of it all Hei$enberg dials in a charmingly nostalgic feel into the song, which is probably due to his flow and delivery – both impeccable, yet very organic sounding. The auditory aspect is obviously rounded off by the clean beat.

If you enjoy cheeky lyrics, beautiful production and a smooth flow, give “Text Me” a listen, as Hei$enberg continues to impress on this one.