Toronto based singer-songwriter Steve Sperandeo’s strengths, could be defined in his ability to unfold his own vulnerabilities, unravel relationship intricacies, as well as unpack societal ills, all with the same passion and integrity. His latest singles, ‘The Wave’ and ‘Pushing Through Blue’ are not your average romps in the pop landscape. What’s different here is the brutal honesty with which his narratives are presented, and the distinctive music accompanying them. Sperandeo’s prose and perspective is undeniable and rooted in powerful truths about the way things appear through his ever-searching vision. These latest songs, provide a satisfying new layer to his catalog.

Steve Sperandeo’s songs are undeniably his. We’ve said this before, but it has to be repeated that he is one of those rare artists whose tracks are instantly recognizable. And on these singles, more than ever before, his styles and signatures, craft expert hard-hitting concoctions.

This is fully-amplified on ‘The Wave,’ which shows the deep-thinking songwriter, melding the poignant drive of the acoustic guitar, and the gentle, emotional wave of the strings. On top, Sperandeo’s gritty and moody lament drives the song’s raw sentiment straight into the listener’s conscience.

“Six o’clock comes before I’ve got a reason. You just walk past me, serve me silent treatment. Three a.m. comes as I stare at the ceiling. Please tell me why are we both still here freezing,” asks Steve Sperandeo, concluding: “I’ll ride the wave, for another day. Hide my pain away. I’ll ride the wave, for another day. Feel my blood drain.”

Full of knockout quality one-liners, Sperandeo paints vivid pictures with words, as his theme of pain and coping, is presented with a brutal perspective. “Throw me aside like you don’t know who I am. Draining me, straining me. I’m a broken man.”

Certainly Steve Sperandeo has no trouble searching deep within himself or the people around him as he presents affliction as a truth and fact of life. But the greatest moment of awakening occurs when he shifts perspective and looks at the bigger picture on ‘Pushing Through Blue’. “You tell me that we’re the best we could possibly be. You tell me that others wished they could have what they see. Why oh why, do I feel so incredibly blue. It’s not because of me, and I’m sure it’s not because of you,” sings Sperandeo.

The momentum of ‘Pushing Through Blue’ is sustained by an insistent piano and a driving mid-tempo beat, which is embellished by sweet and fiery electric guitar interludes. Steve Sperandeo pushes his voice into its upper register, giving the song an angst-tinged and urgent edge. “Constant corruption, war, and crimes of all kinds. Pretending the next in line will better mankind. As bad as it gets, I know I can rely on you. Up and down these hills, as I’m pushing through blue.” The result of this effort is a story full of meaning which commands the listener’s full attention.

The Steve Sperandeo that emerges on ‘The Wave’ and ‘Pushing Through Blue’, is fully focused and surpasses the potential that his previous work hinted at. Sperandeo clearly puts deep thought into his songwriting and arrangements. Overall, the arrangements, interesting as they are, serve their purpose perfectly: to feed the main attraction, which is Steve Sperandeo’s lyrics and vocals, which are simply transcendent. Their indelible touches will become engraved in your mind.