Halloween may have just slipped by, but Will Burns aka SUBNR – an Electronic music producer & DJ from the UK, based in Ibiza – keeps things “Spooky” with his latest tribal flavored House single. Full of heavily swung rhythms, earworm melodies and song craft drenched in groove, this 3 track single boasts the original song version, plus the “Dirty Retro Mix” and the “Ibiza Hot Mix”. Somehow dark and haunting, yet uplifting, “Spooky” is EDM at its bare-bones best. The vocals penned and sung by the artist, combines a streetwise R&B vibe with SUBNR’s floor-filling house sound.

“Spooky” brings us another sublime mix that truly reflects SUBNR’s incredible creativity and ability to manipulate records in a way that not many other new artists can achieve so quickly, considering that his catalog of singles on Spotify, carry a 2021 time-stamping. SUBNR gets “Spooky” underway with some nice percussive vibes. Setting the tone, the vocals puts us into a haunting, but tranquil state – ready to join the producer on his adventure.

We are then hit with a dose of pure thumping kick-drums, deep rumbling basslines, and subtly shimmering keys. SUBNR certainly has our attention, as he creates an aura of late-night nostalgia. The basslines, percussion and synths keep the mix building, flowing and deviating with each passing moment.

Its music like this that make you really appreciate electronic music from all over the world. From its origins of the underground, “Spooky” is an incredibly detailed and well thought out adventure conducted by one of the new interpreters of EDM music.

It’s hard to find fault with this slick, well-balanced track and pumping mixes. SUBNR knows how to keep dance floors full without resorting to over the top gimmicks. “Spooky” is a blend of well-timed punches and pacesetting grooves that grow increasingly hypnotic.

Technically adept and texturally varied, the track sets SUBNR apart from his peers, who seems to be mindful of his listeners. Every record the Ibiza based producer releases has tried-and-tested club sound, which he stitches together tastefully.

SUBNR brings together flavors of the restless English and the vibrant Spanish, which come together in “Spooky” with the mission to give EDM a groovier reputation, away from the stigma of being just relentless four-to-the-floor banging. SUBNR is a real tailor when it comes to creating music. He has been stitching his own blend of dance music, which is achieved by its enormous creativity and the baggage offered by its main influences.

SUBNR is infinitely versatile and creative when it comes to the studio, and this is very clear in “Spooky”. He has taken the dancefloor culture sound and melded into a more accessible house hybrid that could effortlessly cross over from the underground into bigger arenas, and the radio stations, without ever sounding crass or calculated.

“Spooky” conjures a lush atmosphere while holding a steady pulse. It balances vibrancy and melody with a light dose of house toughness. It’s the perfect introduction into SUBNR’s world.