Strap in and prepare for liftoff! The psychedelic rock voyagers of Space Owl are back with a mind-bending new transmission titled “Skidoo.” Released via Music Factory Records, this latest single from guitarist/vocalist Ari Joshua’s ambitious quest to unleash 24 tracks in 2024 is a free-wheeling fusion of 60s funk and soul with scuzzed-up classic rock influences.

“Skidoo” rips open a wormhole, transporting listeners to a freakier, groovier astral plane. From the jump, the riff has a gritty, swaggering Band of Gypsies strut as Joshua’s gravelly vocals spit-barbed hooks about cutting through life’s obstacles. Bassist Bob Lovelace’s liquid basslines ooze like thick molasses, anchoring the stratospheric interplay between Ari Joshua’s fiery guitars and David Appelbaum’s kaleidoscopic keyboards. John Ewing’s drumming is a force of nature, driving the mid-tempo pulse with meticulous precision and a loose human feel.

“I absolutely loved this band, the chemistry, the vibes,” Ari Joshua raves about the “Skidoo” lineup. “Bob’s basslines are so dope – he’s one of the best I’ve played with. I also love John’s vocals and the production we achieved tracking as a quartet.” The cherry on top comes from the engineering of Johnathan Plum (London Bridge Studios), mixing by Mel Detmer (Studio Soli), and mastering by Ed Brooks (RFI Mastering).

While sourced from over a decade ago in the Space Owl vaults, “Skidoo” continues the cosmic explorers’ quest to create a signature psychedelic sound warping classic rock, funk, blues, soul, and more into heady new dimensions. From the masterful Celtic/classical-tinged “Home” to pop-rockers like “I Will Come To You” and sprawling epics like “Why Does Love Always Break Your Heart” and “Mountain Song,” Space Owl draw from a wide sonic galaxy while maintaining a raw, live-off-the-floor vitality.

“The lyrics are about rising above obstacles,” explains Ari Joshua. “Instead of letting challenges hold me back, in 2024 I’m aiming for them head-on and creating opportunities. That mindset of persevering is what ‘Skidoo’ is all about.”

Brimming with vintage tones, inspired performances, and visionary arrangements, “Skidoo” launches Space Owl’s intercosmic musical journey into a thrilling new phase. Engage warp drive and jump on board – the expedition continues! “Skidoo” is out now across all major streaming platforms. For more celestial sounds from Space Owl, visit



John Ewing with Johnny and The Moles

May 28 – Blue Moon Tavern – Seattle, WA

May 30 – SeaMonster Lounge – Seattle, WA

June 29 – Tim’s Tavern – Seattle, WA

Bob Lovelace

June 6 – Marmalade, USA

Jun 15 – Saint-prouant, France

Jun 16 – Chelles, France

Jun 18 – Ittre, Belgium

Jun 19 – Wasquehal, France

Jun 21 – Penmarc’h, France

Jun 22 – Savigny-le-temple, France

Jun 23 – Maxeville, France

Jun 25 – Saint-vulbas, France

Ari Joshua

May 22 – Seamonster Lounge – Seattle, Wa

The Suncatchers featuring Joe Doria & Ehssan Karimi


May 23 – Helping Friendly Podcast with RJ Bee and Hosts – Osiris

Ari Joshua Band

May 31 – Nectars – Burlington, VT

June 9 – TBD – New Tork, NY

June 29 – Harstine Hoopla Festival – Olympia, WA

Kris Yunker, Ari Joshua, Ben Atkind Trio dates

June 5 – Kris Yunker’s FUNK NIGHT – The Stone Church – Bratelboro, VT

June 7 – All’s Eye Trio – Art Walk – South Vermont