With his easy charisma, well-done music videos, and boundless enthusiasm, Swedish rapper and producer, SmZ brings us his brand new video and single “Hon fråga mig”, which translated directly, should mean “She Asked Me”.  Born and raised in Stockholm, but influenced by the years he spent in London mastering music production, SmZ is currently working on a new album in Swedish – his native language.  Technically, this shouldn’t work for English ears, but somehow it does. Talented, and distinctive, SmZ is hard to dislike.

On “Hon fråga mig” SmZ raps as smartly and smoothly as ever, for a familiar hypnotic effect. Seeing as I cannot understand the narrative, it’s all about the vibe for me. And there is plenty to get hooked on and connect with here, both musically and vocally.

His melodic raps coat the ear in warmth, but they also keep you awake and listening. It is safe to infer that SmZ knows exactly what is expected of him sonically in the modern rap game, and thus, is able to deliver just that no his new single.

“Hon fråga mig” makes a great first impression and the Swedish native makes it clear that he’s talented, versatile, and introspective when he needs to be. Again, I cannot grasp the lyrics but I can hang onto the vibe SmZ is spinning, as the guitars jangle alongside the skittering hi-hats and thumping kick drum. The sound is warm, nostalgic and intimate, matched with a rhythmic and hypnotic beat that makes the song a force to be reckoned with.

“Hon fråga mig” is part of a list of songs that exhibit SmZ’s incredible potential. So what makes SmZ special? It is the comfortable confidence that surrounds him. This confidence is extremely palpable on tracks like “Jannah”, “Hon e Fine”, “Lille grabben”, and now “Hon fråga mig”. His easy-going flow gives his music character, offering an immediately satisfying listening experience. It is genuinely entertaining, bringing a titillating feel to SmZ’s music at all times.

“Hon fråga mig” succeeds for many reasons, but part of its appeal is how effortlessly cool SmZ sounds throughout. The entire record is so precisely attuned to the rapper’s strengths that he comes across as nonchalant and completely in control.

Everything sounds and appears flawlessly calculated. SmZ shows off an infectious, audible passion in everything he says or sings. He easily appeals to those seeking that kind of unfiltered expression. “Hon fråga mig” captures all of that, making it a job was well done.

“Hon fråga mig” will have you feeling sentimental while reminding you of the importance of the support that only loved ones can give you. Clearly SmZ has captured our attention with his latest release. Now we just have to be patient and see what he does with the full extent of his talents, moving forward. If SmZ keeps on with this type of heat, he’ll be heading for the higher echelons of his craft in no time.