There’s a tremendous meditative quality to “Somewhere”, the latest single release by producer Simpatico, featuring the silky, soulful vocals of Jason Farol.  This vibe gets interspersed by the swirling keys, the slippery harmonies, and the always hypnotically chill aura coming off the music. Whether it’s the soothing claps and fluttering hi-hats or the slow burning groove, the song always has something uniquely captivating to offer. One moment you’ll find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of Simpatico’s synths, only to soon after be basking in the lovely melodic work and radiant tones of Jason Farol’s voice.

The subtly kinetic and profoundly affecting nature of the voice and music, provides four minutes for one to potentially explore emotions through the art. The brilliant auras of sound and feeling, swirl together to create moments of bliss and tranquility.

Simpatico has mined the middle ground between what he calls ‘Lofi Electro-Chill R&B’, and all the technical trickery of creating dreamy soundscapes that at once become transportative. The producer also shares the melody and lyric writing credits with Jason Farol.

Everything on “Somewhere” sounds amazing. The beat is crisp, yet delightfully aqueous, the synths and percussion are undulant and sweeping, the basslines are deep and suggestive, while the vocals floating above it all, take center-stage.

What we have as a result, is highly melodic, expertly arranged, texturally intriguing music that sounds distinctly of its creator. It sounds like Simpatico’s vision has truly snapped into focus with his newest release.

On “Somewhere”, Simpatico is firmly in his own orbit: twisting, stretching, layering, unraveling delicate musical threads for Jason Farol’s vocal frequencies to decipher, digest, and regurgitate into soul-stirring, heartfelt phrases.

Every moment on this track subverts your expectations, whether it is the melody, arrangement, chord progression, percussion, or even the vocal harmonies. The rich aural palette is easy to consume but almost impossible to forget.

There is not much to say about this song that can accurately portray how well Simpatico and Jason Farol pair together, as their combined talents offer beautiful and elegant flourishes of sound and melody that convey a sense of seduction and enchantment.

“Somewhere” shows us just how good these two are when sound-tracking transcendence, and hitting languid grooves. Their flights of fancy – both individually and collectively – are magnificently articulate and agile on this track.

Born Ruben Urena, Simpatico is a producer from South Central Los Angeles. He grew up in a climate of violence and poverty, from which music offered him solace. Initially drawn to the passion of rock music, the discovery of French house producer Darius, eventually inspired him to start producing. Starting out as a hobbyist, Simpatico decided to make a career out of his musical devotion in 2018.

Classified as “a deep thinker and a hopeless romantic,” Simpatico draws inspiration from his hometown, the clash between city and nature, and the way people interact with their constantly changing world. Jason Farol is an American singer from Torrance, California, who placed third in the American television series Duets, alongside mentor Kelly Clarkson. Farol pursues a recording career in both the Philippines and the USA.

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