In the vast landscape of Canadian rock, Saints Down emerges as a shining beacon from Southern Ontario, and their latest offering, “Better Than The Last,” is a testament to their prowess and evolution. The band’s core ensemble, comprising Benjamin Doncom, Rob Palombo, Joseph Jones, and Cody Williamson, along with the studio wizardry of Walter Riggi, has crafted a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional rock. Originating as a lockdown project, Saints Down swiftly transformed into a serious creative venture as the songs began to weave themselves into existence, an evolution that guitarist Rob Palombo attributes to the musical drought imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rob Palombo, joined by long-time collaborator Walter Riggi and the gifted singer/songwriter Benjamin Doncom, laid the foundation for what would become the vibrant entity we now know as Saints Down. The addition of guitarist Joseph Jones and drummer Cody Williamson further solidified the band’s dynamic synergy.

“Better Than The Last” is the quintet’s fifth original single, and it radiates with an undeniable brightness and sanguinity. The track is a testament to their penchant for crafting music that resonates with grand emotions, projecting intimate thoughts onto a widescreen canvas. True to their signature style, Saints Down continues to navigate the realms of king-size music, employing sturdy arrangements, rhythms, and melodies to convey a palpable sense of urgency.

The cumulative impact of the lustrous musical surfaces, coupled with the gilded vocal hooks on “Better Than The Last,” is nothing short of kinetic and immersive. Saints Down strikes a delicate balance between earnestness and effervescence, demonstrating a meticulous effort in sounding irresistibly alluring. Benjamin Doncom’s vocal prowess, characterized by an uncanny range, breathes life into the emotional tapestry of the tune, making him an undeniable powerhouse in the rock vocal landscape.

The craftsmanship of “Better Than The Last” shines through as a showcase of impeccable songwriting. The energy within the track ebbs and flows organically, creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the listener. It’s evident that this single will resonate not only with dedicated Saints Down enthusiasts but also with a broader audience.

The band’s songwriting finesse becomes apparent against a backdrop of crisp and crunchy guitar motifs that crescendo into an epic, soaring chorus. The lyrics strike a universal chord, making the song relevant to a wide spectrum of listeners. “Better Than The Last” encapsulates all the elements of an addictive pop-rock anthem, with a particularly infectious drumline propelling the momentum.

In an era where mainstream music often leans towards formulaic simplicity, Saints Down stands as a refreshing anomaly. They masterfully infuse rock with catchiness accessible to the masses, yet maintain a depth that resonates within the alternative independent scene. Their ability to craft universally relatable and enjoyable songs defies the mundane, offering a unique experience with each composition.

“Better Than The Last” exemplifies Saints Down’s capacity to transcend the confines of radio-rock expectations. It invites the listener on a captivating journey, each minute unfolding like a small chapter in their sonic narrative. Saints Down has once again proven that their music is not just an auditory experience but a remarkable journey that leaves an indelible mark on the soul. As they soar higher with each release, Saints Down continues to carve their path in the rock landscape, and “Better Than The Last” stands as a luminous chapter in their evolving saga.