Ron Zama declares himself as a Danish bedroom producer from the city of Odense. He has been making rap beats since 2016 which he posted on Youtube and Soundcloud. At the end of 2019 he found myself in a spot where producing rap beats became too repetitive and he wanted to try something else and more exciting. Zama spent most of 2020 playing around with electronic music and making beats that could be considered as self-contained songs. Zama says that he started with simple house music, but none really became memorable tunes, so he still found himself in that repetitive spot. Then one day, he heard a song which changed his view on electronic music.

“The drums alone was so good, I could listen to only them, and it would still be a great song,” explained Ron Zama. “The feeling and ambience of it was so comfortable and yet so energetic.” That song was “Glue” by song BICEP. “I got so inspired by this, and I knew from that moment, what feeling and sound I wanted to become and associated with,” concluded Zama.

Ron Zama’s production on his track, “The Glow”, shows a unique flexibility and verve, a glowing life that drips, melts, and molds around the percussion, providing the precise support and frame that it needs. The listener becomes consumed with a mellow and warm, yet throbbing and crystalline vibe that permeates the air. From the moment you press play you will be blown away with the pristine instrumentation Zama blends into this singular cohesive body of work.

The sleek, yet rhythmic-influenced sounds of Ron Zama’s palette can’t be limited to one simple genre because they aren’t shackled to any one style; the interconnectivity of his sounds and rhythms threads through a variety of sub-genres. Zama personally explains it as a “kind of fusion between UK Garage (with focus on the drums) and Lounge music (with focus on the lush vibes).” But it’s all of those things and more, without ever being pretentious or overwhelming.

The smoothly saturated keys and indelible percussive bounce are Ron Zama’s signatures on “The Glow”, which balances neon warmth with rhythmic urgency. On top, the breathy vocal loops add to the silky textures, as all of these sonic pastels gel into an infectious thump-and-glisten beat. Notwithstanding its intrinsic mellowness, the song pulses with palpable energy, impactful in its presentation. It is a slice of soulful heaven.

Ron Zama merges his musical tastes with a streamlined effortlessness.  It’s music in its purist form. It’s easy to get lost between the kick drums and hi-hats, and before you know it, the track is over. You’ll need to hit replay so you can focus on the other instrumentation too, once you perfectly assimilate the goodness of the percussion. After a few listens, you’ll grow to appreciate each individual instrument.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Glow”, and had it on repeat for quite a while. It reflects Ron Zama’s signature fusion of entrancing sounds and soulful bounce. Captivating and buoyant, it is a shimmering song for late summer nights that leave listeners on a comfortable and easy-going high note. “The Glow” is in stark contrast with the bombastic sounds that currently fill the airwaves. With this release, Ron Zama succeeds at effectively launching himself among the up and coming electronic producers to watch in future.