Born and raised in Detroit, RACKIN RED moved to Atlanta in 1999 in pursuit of a music career. He hit the underground with a bang, reaching various radio stations in 3 different states. He now lives in both, Austin and Houston Texas, and has again made his way to the top radio station in Dallas. Currently, RACKIN RED is riding high with the vibe inducing chill sound of his single “Natural Born Hustler”. This is almost the antithesis of the mainstream rap scene, swapping heavy beats and bombastic choruses with a meditative, mesmerizing and atmospheric sound.

The vibe on “Natural Born Hustler”, is one that has created a wave of independent artists who craft their own unique sound, aiding in the deconstruction of the conventional nature of the music industry. Within the underground scene, artists like RACKIN RED are able to avoid rap stereotypes; their existence outside of the music corporate complex allows them to emphasize their sound and build individual personas.

It is within this scenario that RACKIN RED, finds his freedom and expression. He lyrically leaps from syllable to syllable in his tracks, on top of hypnotic, rhythmic grooves, creating a uniquely atmospheric sound, juxtaposed by his buoyant, melodic, smooth and captivating flows. “Natural Born Hustler”, boasts all of the abovementioned elements in abundance. This creates the sublime euphony that is his unique sound.

RACKIN RED’s storytelling is laced with personal references to the grind and hustle, coupled with vivid sensory and natural imagery that transports listeners to another realm. Throughout, the song constantly unravels and rebuilds its layers, creating a sense of timelessness through both instrumentation and storytelling. What distinguishes “Natural Born Hustler” is its mood, its essence.

RACKIN RED flips his vocals and aligns the sound to make the listener feel the song with great depth. The sound of his voice in the foreground adds a peaceful aroma to the perpetual low-end rumblings of the synths, bass and percussive arrangements on the track. Within RACKIN RED’s recipe exists all of the essential factors needed to create mesmeric laidback groove

He not only equips himself with the perfect instrumental, but also with intelligent lyrics that are capable of gliding atop of the beat. This gives the track a passionate and authentic flavor. The taste is silky, soulful and distinguishable, unlike many other rap flavors, all of the elements are seamlessly blended. The production provides a gorgeous beat that amplifies the surface beauty of each rhyme.

In 2021, “Natural Born Hustler” could be the sound to flow straight into all our playlists, offering us the perfect sound to take us through this transitional year with immaculately soothing vibes. Listen to it once, and you will find something beautiful. But listen again, and the music becomes an experience, a journey, an expression of life. RACKIN RED is an artist who puts his heart and soul into his art and shares his innermost feelings.