nasmore delivers again, with the “Adrenalin Storm” EP, drawing upon a global collection of genres like pop, rock and hip-hop, and molding them into a track that feels distinctly original and visceral. The choice and blending of nasmore’s vocal features is a key feature throughout his rich catalog, and is no less important on this recording. The music creator chooses his collaborations carefully and here adds the immense talents of Cris Hodges, who has an almost infinite vocal range, as well as the stunning spitting skills of Beau. Together, these three are like a breath of fresh air for the music scene. nasmore really challenges the music industry by genre weaving and creating a sonic blend that will leave most breathless.

“Adrenalin Storm” conjugates the idea that music from different stylings can be resonant with each other and circulate in a way that takes listeners across borders. It’s creator, nasmore, has a keen sense for how to make music that is gripping and sonically layered. Moreover, the collaborative crew are also able to attach a tangible narrative onto nasmore’s already stellar gift for orchestrating the sound vibes. Hence, it doesn’t take very long for “Adrenalin Storm” to transport its listeners on a few different aesthetic routes.


What holds everything together is nasmore’s ear for compelling production and masterful songwriting, which makes the track flow almost flawlessly, as it tackles some of the world’s most debilitating issues we currently have at hand. The lyrics leave a lasting impression, and hit you hard the moment you absorb them. “Give me a second, to gain my composure. I don’t know when all of this will be ovеr. Nothing will ever really bе the same. This deadly virus in the vein.”

Cris Hodges evokes emotion with euphoric, addicting melodies perfectly suited for the mainstage especially when paired with the nasmore production fireworks. When Hodges reaches for a high note, he really hits it out of the park. “Calamity and chaos. It’s like everyday. After the storm comes down. It’s a brighter way. Happiness it feels so. So far away. But everything will work out. It will be okay,” sings Cris Hodges, as his voice soars way above the skies.

Between the driving production and the abrasive vocal grit of Cris Hodges, Beau does sterling job of grounding the track with a sublime, nuanced flow, and words of wisdom: “We just trying to survive. Hoping that we stay alive. Cannot connect with my friends. So we connecting online. After the storm is a brighter day. We gotta make it and find a way.” Beau maintains a steady, well-metered momentum, making sure the song doesn’t skid off the rails.

nasmore, Cris Hodges, and Beau is one of those powerhouse collaborations you never really expect to happen, but makes perfect sense when it does. “Adrenalin Storm” proves that nasmore has the material and creative mind to make music in a distinctive way. Continually progressing forward, nasmore has comfortably stepped outside genre bounds, while beautifully straddling his own unique sound. Hard banging drums, resonant pianos, expansive guitars and emotional strings all come together to form a scintillating backdrop for the EP, which offers both a vocal and an instrumental version of “Adrenalin Storm”.

More about nasmore: Canadian-based nasmore grew up constantly attached to his stereo system & the instruments surrounding him, fully immersed within the music of all kinds as a listener while teaching himself the fundamentals of how to write and play his own songs. Deciding at the very start of his career to keep his options open to every opportunity in an effort to create music unlike any other. In early 2021 nasmore finally chose to turn his wildest dreams into his daily reality – permanently. The rest is history still in the writing.